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Digitech RP2000 Power Problem

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  • Digitech RP2000 Power Problem

    Hey i own a Digitech Rp2000 . One night i left it plugged in (no On off Swith). Now when i connect the power chord nothing happens. Does not turn on . no lights nothing. Help?


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    Originally posted by shawn_michaud View Post
    ...Does not turn on . no lights nothing.
    Dead Power supply? If you have a meter check it for output voltage. I think the old ones were fused inside the case.


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      Yah ill try testing the power supply. Thanks ill add another reply after that. Thanks alot. Oh yah and does the pedal have a fuse?>


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        I have a rp2000 and I did the same thing.
        There is no fuse in the pedal itself.
        There is a fuse in the power supply, its a pain to get apart though.
        I ended up breaking mine open to replace the fuse and taped it back together.
        Now I plug my amp and pedal into a power strip and flip the switch on it so I don't kill anything again.


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          THAKS YOU SOO much Boog, Everything worked perfectly! Your a saint man. Thanks alot! Rock On


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            Hey the peadal is working fine but the expression pedal is not wortking i tryed to do a factory reset thern callibrate the pedal i push up and push down with the buttons but it says error i dont think the pedals tab is working when shone on the light any ideas?


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              hey sorry guys i did it backwards it works now


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