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BJT 100S replaced with MJE13007

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  • BJT 100S replaced with MJE13007

    Hi guys,

    I apologize for opening this subject in this subforum, but I didn't know where else to ask for help.
    I'm in the middle of repair of two OttLite desk lamps. Both have same problem, burnt two transistors and a few resistors in electronic ballast (invertor).
    I was able to find data sheet online, but couldn't find original transistors BJT 100S.
    Instead I ordered switch mode transistors MJE13007 from Digikey, these have similar parameters and they are rated for higher voltages, higher current and more power.
    After replacing it, lamps are just at the threshold to fire, they are starting but can't light fully.
    I have played with different values of capacitors and resistors, there was no change.
    Could you, please, let me know what I overlooked, circuit is simple, if you know right replacement parts I would appreciate your help.
    Thank you in advance, Damir

    DSASW00169912.pdf MJE13007-D.PDF

    Problem was caused by bad fluorescent bulb, when first stopped working, I tried the bulb in other lamp

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    Seems like the MJE part needs a higher Base current to saturate the Collector - emitter junction, than the original unit. Maybe try adding a little driver transistor to make a Darlington config with the MJE device.


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      I used old Sony power supply kit to fix lamp from Matt electronic the transistors where 2sc4832


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