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If I said this i might get verbally beaten to death....

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    Before anyone gets too carried away, I'll note that Jason is a member here.
    "Everything is better with a tube. I have a customer with an all-tube pacemaker. His heartbeat is steady, reassuring and dependable, not like a modern heartbeat. And if it goes wrong he can fix it himself. You can't do that with SMD." - Mick Bailey


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      Thats good. Maybe he'll chime in and be able to clear this up. I didn't post this to disparage him, I'm just a bit shocked to hear that from someone of his respected stature and would like to understand why he said that and know if he understands treble bleeds and exactly how they work. Maybe theres more to his comment and i'd like to know out of curiosity.


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        I found his comment about the compensating cap on the volume pot a bit confusing. I can understand that tastes vary and some might find the treble-retention produced by such caps not to their taste. And to be fair, there are many different suggested compensating arrangements, some involving a cap and resistor in series, and varying values of these, so Jason's comments may be with regard to one particular variant. Personally, I wouldn't have a guitar without them, but that's me. Just how it would monkey with the bass content is quite beyond me, though.

        I can't see how a small-value cap, that is effectively bridged by the input lug and wiper of a volume pot turned up to 10, can contribute any tonal change, since it is more or less out of circuit. And indeed, the very idea of a cap compensating the volume pot is to address what gets eaten up as one turns down. And, just like "bright" switches on amps, they don't do anything audible at full volume.

        The video is 12 years old, and I think we've all learned a lot since then. I don't agree with some of the things he states, but I won't take away from an otherwise more-than-acceptable-for-its-time demonstration video.