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Traynor YGM-3 need schematic

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  • Traynor YGM-3 need schematic

    Hello. Does anyone have or know where I can get a schematic for a Traynor YGM-3 amp?

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    There are a few schematic versions, so this may or may not match. It's the re-issue of one of the original versions. (if yours is not a re-issue, they usually had the schematic glued to the inside of top cover, have you checked for it?)
    The layout drawing may not match, but the schematic is an old one.
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      Thank you! Nice clear service manual. You know I didn't think to check under the top cover. I did find one on google that I was able to use. It turns out that someone had added 1 ohm resistors in the output tube cathode circuit
      and one was open. The tubes seemed ok and it played ok after I replaced them. I'm not sure why someone added them but I left them in there. I was fixing it for someone and wanted to keep it the way I found it.


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        Those resistors are usually added so that checking/setting bias is easier. You can just measure the voltage drop across the resistors to calculate bias. They won't hurt anything.
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