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Laney CD630 Mixeramp - Loud Pops & Cracks

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  • Laney CD630 Mixeramp - Loud Pops & Cracks

    Hi Guys...i have a Laney cd630 amp, the unit is in good condition..looks hardly used in worked fine for a couple of months, but then started to "Pop" every so often..this then progressed to a loud "Cracking" sound..and sometimes makes a very loud Static noise which is not affected by the amps volume knob...the amp then looses all audio to the cabs ( but still has audio signal on front meter and the main out jack socket on the front), the unit then magically works fine again after a minute or so.

    I have tried different cables,Cabs - still does it...i have even removed the front & disconnected the push on pin connector....the amp still cracks n pops through the cabs.

    i Have done the old "Tap" routine - no joy..made no difference
    I have looked for Arching in the dark - which was fun - nothing.
    It Aint running hot - seems fine...cracking occurs after 1-2 mins or 3-5 days.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction??

    Many Thanks in Advance

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    re-Laney Cracking Fault

    ok guys...found was the G8P-114P-US relay...

    thought id have another go at just watching for sparking while the amp popped and cracked...and there it was...a little lightening show inside the relay !!!!!
    Bit of a hassle to replace...but for less than a fiver (5.00) well worth doing .

    Cheers guys...hope this helps someone else out .