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Roland Space Echo sticks if I don't use it every day

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    See post #13. I use mineral spirits, but you can also use other hydrocarbons. AS I said even gasoline works, but use it outdoors if you must.
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      Originally posted by burymyteeth View Post
      I'm wondering again if anybody has any success with rubber renu?
      I've used the MG Rubber Renue with good results. However, as others have mentioned, use only in a well ventilated area!
      Of course, some rollers will be so old and hard that nothing can save them.
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        Have you tried or do you have the nerve to adjust the pinch roller solenoid tension. Also check the supply side idler where the leaf spring with the felt pad holds the tape against the idler. I have had this problem and that fixed it. Make sure it turns. failing that, get the service manual and adjust the pinch roller tension. You rely should pop a new roller in. the ones being made now are far better than the old Roland ones. I forget who is making them. I think they make them for echo fix anyhow so probably the same.