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HELP !!! Kurzweil K2000 FET protection circuit instructions

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  • HELP !!! Kurzweil K2000 FET protection circuit instructions

    Hello good people! Today I got output protection board, six transistors and four wires (two longer, two shorter). I bought this from France via ebay, Please, if anyone has instructions document or manual or something like that for installation this board??? Thank you very much. Cheers...

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    Some information here

    The board protects the output muting FETs. The 6 new FETs are included in case the originals are blown.

    More info here


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      Thank you dmeek. Yes, this is that board from that seller! As you can see, on the list below he wrote to deliver with the package and instructions but I did not receive it. That is a problem.. I dont know where to solder three wires (+12,-12 and AGND) and another six wires from protection board. I supose direct to jack (positive pin)...


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        The SM can be had here: Kurzweil K2000 Service Manual (Page 132 of 133) | ManualsLib
        There are 3 12 Vdc voltage regulators used.
        +12 for the hard drive
        + & - 12Vdc for the circuits.
        Vr 3 & VR 6.
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          So contact the seller and tell him you got no instructions.
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            SOLVED !!! Thank you guys for help. I got instructions where to connect all wires. Six black wires goes to TIP contacts on all output jacks, from J9 to J15. +12v goes at U35-pin 8, -12v at U35 - pin 4 and AGND at U35 - pin 5. Thats all ! Thanks again and take care of yourself.... Cheers!