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Pre-war amp, not sure of make

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    If someone wants to advance pre-war amp, this is one of the ideas.
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      So luckily i was able to get one of the channels to sound much more suitable for guitar by replacing some of the caps with .1uf instead of .01uf. Threw a 68k resistor across the input. Soldered a cap in parallel to the cathode bias resistor. I also found that none of the new caps i tried sounded good as the tone cap so i found the best one of the original pulled ones that were in there and used that as the tone cap instead. That tone pot now has such a wild range of Bass to Treble now its beautiful. All new tubes and NOS when not possible, such a decent amp now! It can be turned up now without the bass end crapping out anymore.

      Thank you also to Vintagekiki for countless emails back and forth with your help, it was greatly appreciated. And everyone here, thank you