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MXR micro-amp or BOSS OS-2???

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  • MXR micro-amp or BOSS OS-2???

    I recently bought a Big Muff Pi and BOSS OS-2. I couldn't be happier with the Muff, but the OS-2? I'm way underwhelmed. Even with the Overdrive, Distortion, and Tone knobs all the way down, the pedal cuts out almost all the bass from the original signal, and simply yells "solid state!," and that's something that makes me very sad.

    I have a Gretsch Tennessee Rose / Epiphone Les Paul, and a beat-up VOX Celestion tube amp. I LOVE the way the tube amp sounds when it's overdriven, but even with the volume on max it needs to be louder AND (here's the key) those top strings need to be BEEFIER. They still sound thin with all my amp settings on max. I want to basically have that sweet direct-inject overdrive sound, with just a bit more volume and phatness to the high frequencies, without making it sound like I'm using the "gain boost" switch on a crappy starter Ibanez solid state amp (eff you, BOSS).

    I figured I'd trade it in for an MXR micro-amp, but will the gain knob really beef up my sound, or will my high frequencies still sound thin?

    Also, any other pedals you guys might recommend?