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    Not sure what to do now. When I got home from work today my wife said that she had been on the phone for a long time trying to fix her computer. A popup had locked it up, so she called the tech support # on the screen, and let the guy have remote access to her pc and gave her credit account # and maybe her SS# She only terminated the call when she found out how much he wanted to charge her for "fixing" her pc. So now I have spent the evening changing passwords on all our financial websites. I'm not sure if it is safe for her to use her computer, or not. Not sure what else to do.
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    Which operating system are you running?

    If Windows, which one?

    If you have any data on the drive that you must have, transfer it off the PC & wipe the drive.
    (there are milder ways to clean up there crap, but if you are not PC savy wiping it is your best bet)

    That scam has been around for awhile.
    They actually make your computer worse when you pay them to fix it.
    Then they want more mullah.


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      Yikes! that is most unfortunate. I agree that wiping the drive would be a good idea, if you decide to do that Dban is free and works well.

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        The local AM radio station (Clear Channel) was running an add for PC Cleaning.
        I Googled them & it was the same scam that hit your wife.

        So I called the station & asked to speak to sales.
        Put me through, told the gal about the scam & asked why they where running an add that was a scam.
        Poor business practice, lack of good will from listeners that got taken. I laid it on her.

        She came back with some corporate mumbo jumbo about Clear Channel picks the adds.
        So I asked for Their number.
        Would'nt give it.
        Oh well.

        The add was dropped two days later.
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          The other day, I received a phone call from some boiler room operation - I could hear a bunch of other calls in the background - from North Carolina. This fellow with an Indian accent claimed he was from "Windows Maintenance", and that my computer had been hacked, and someone was hiding inside my computer who had control. I told him not to worry, that I had a gun and was prepared to shoot the guy hiding in my computer. He told me I couldn't shoot the guy. I said, yes I can, and I will shoot you too if you ever show up at my door.


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            If bank account details have been given it's worthwhile letting your bank know.

            If the popup locked the PC then take a look at your security settings. I don't allow popups and use Adblocker as well. I also have Disconnect running to prevent third-party groping.


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              I get the phones calls now and then.
              Try to tie them up on the phone as long as I can.
              Figure it is keeping someone else from being badgered.
              They always want to fix my windows computer.
              I ask them which one?
              They act like any of the computers will do.
              Then I tell them they are out of luck, We have 3 laptops, all running Linux.
              They hang up.
              The only problem with wiping the drive, you need the OS, to put back on.
              Unless you made the backup disks when you started your computer, you may not have what you need.
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                Okay, I changed all passwords. Reinstalled Windows. Notified credit card company. Keeping fingers crossed now.
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                  My wife won't do anything to her computer without asking me first. If someone calls about anything she's unsure of, she tells them in no uncertain terms they must speak with me. Same for my kids and my dad. I've been in IT since the mid-80s and have seen an awful lot of scams.

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                    My wife is usually pretty cautious, and suspicious of people trying to sell her something.
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                      I was just reading the 1-star Amazon user reviews for System Mechanic which was very scary. It seems that users are chosen at random for special updates that screw up your computer in a way that only they can fix... for a price, of course. (They like to sell you a $300 tech support package.)

                      Assuming that your data files are backed up one cheap fix is to reinstall your OS.

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                        I got a similar scam call today, but about my Dish Network.
                        Two guys that sounded to be in India, called and wanted to readjust my bill.
                        I kept them tied up as long as I could without divulging much.
                        Finally I laughed, & asked them where they were located?
                        They hung up on me.
                        So I called the dish support line, after giving many prompts I finally got someone.
                        I had trouble understanding her and I asked where she was, and she was in the Philippines!
                        I had a dish representative in the Philippines, wanting to verify me here in the States!
                        She finally verified that no one was trying to contact me, and it was a scam!
                        WTF? Over?
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                          My wife answered the phone this evening about 10:30PM, and got the oddest look on her face. After a little back and forth with the caller, she yells, "Bull fucking shit" and the call came to a close fairly quickly.

                          She then explained someone with an Indian accent had called claiming to be tech support "from Windows", and wanting something or other.

                          My wife is such a dainty thing...
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                            My mom got a call some years back. Hi! Are you xxx xxx? She answers yes. The a short sale-pitch follows. Explaining what's for sale so to speak. A week later she gets a bill with a hefty sum. The bill is sent in an envelope where there's a usb-flash with an recording of her and the sale person.

                            So you want to order this and that.
                            Y-ees. (moms voice clearly manipulated)

                            Even though it took some time these BEEPs got framed.

                            Now I happily answer my phone, Hello! If anyone asks is this XXX XXX. I reply by asking who are you and why do you call me.
                            In this forum everyone is entitled to my opinion.


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                              i suggest u to take back up and again install the windows