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  1. Noob looking for side-by-side-Strat size bobbins
  2. Anyone dealt with this Korean Supplier?
  3. DiMarzio Model P rewind
  4. Regaussing in the UK?
  5. Inverted rod in strat PU and other things
  6. SAVBIT solder for attaching leads to fine copper wire
  7. Two of three pickups dead in wax, why?
  8. Bucking the Hum in P-90s
  9. What is inside?
  10. anybody built a controlled demagnetizer?
  11. LCR meter model 380193
  12. Pickups for bronze wound strings
  13. Copper baseplate for P90 experiment
  14. No support for schatten winder...
  15. 43 AWG PE
  16. Source for Gold (Brass?) P-90 Height-Adjustment Screws?
  17. Mutual Inductance in Sidewinders
  18. Two Gibson pickups to identify "the more precisely possible"...
  19. Metal Spacer in humbucker
  20. Making P-90 Repro Baseplates
  21. my homemade BPSSC
  22. Unusual Gibson Pickups
  23. Stainless poles in a PAF
  24. Winding for Middle Pickup
  25. Is this magnetiser too wussy for alnico bars?
  26. Prototype bobbins---3D printing!
  27. question about noise sensing coils...
  28. Question about frequency response of HB pups...
  29. Mixiing Actives with passives - circuit related question
  30. Magnetizing Ceramic 8
  31. Can Anyone Identify this Single Coil Rail (bar) type PU?
  32. Blade pickup people... how do you shape the ends?
  33. Perhaps obvious (but not to me!)
  34. Asymmetrical Humbuckers
  35. Measuring AC Impedance with a LCR meter
  36. Which bucker covers ?
  37. Can ya hear me - pumpin on yer stereo?
  38. canceling question
  39. "Professional Quality"
  40. G&L MFD Pickups
  41. How much difference in sound when coil is closer/further from the magnet?
  42. Ibanez Bass
  43. My Latest Pickup Winding Adventure
  44. practicality of the whole thing
  45. The 31 scrapheap CNC winder challenge
  46. noob
  47. About Jaguar pickups
  48. Low impedance single vs low impedance humbucker - sound differences?
  49. Formvar Single Coils...
  50. Using Copper clad board for flatwork.
  51. Winding to the same ohms with differenr AWG number
  52. FR4 for coil flatwork?
  53. prototype testing of hum canceling P-90 design
  54. Wire: Poly ??? Pickup Spec
  55. Down and dirty bobbin tests-take a listen
  56. DCR vs. turns... linear correlation?
  57. whack ass idea for pickup
  58. How do method testing output pickups mV ?
  59. Holly mollie.... Check these out
  60. Pickup charging and calibration
  61. Bass humbucker guts
  62. WARNING: Jeremy Begoin and Occasion Musique in France
  63. Current Measurement Concepts vs. Perception
  64. DeArmond/Rowe pickup
  65. Magnet "aging": what the dickens IS it?
  66. Coil Tapping a Humbucker
  67. Wisker Disc-- I like it!
  68. Impedances of a humbucker using different types of alnico
  69. Load resistance - tone loss.
  70. Went crazy, put 10 thousand turns on a bridge A2 strat single coil
  71. Magnetism (permeability) in tele bridge.
  72. Now this has gotta interest pickup makers
  73. 4 conducter wire source?
  74. Low resistance and noiseless
  75. mini Humbucker buzz
  76. Fender Jag-Stang Pickups
  77. Another Soldering Station
  78. Minimum change in winds for perceivable change in tone
  79. C5s
  80. So What Is The "Proper" Way To Store Pickups?
  81. Just a heads up - Arnold
  82. 49.2mm P90 covers
  83. Ideal Thin Axially Charged Pickup Magnet
  84. Can anyone reccomend me some reading for the sciency side of pickups?
  85. Those Wal Pickups ?
  86. Low impedance single coils & hum
  87. identifying a fender pickup...
  88. 60's Gibson pups--what alnico did they use?
  89. R.I.P Gary Moore
  90. Humbucker Mag Sized 1018 Steel Bar?
  91. Lipstick Pickups
  92. Anyone make a jig to assemble SC bobbin?
  93. Winder
  94. Square magnet wire
  95. Trying to date an early 60s Strat pickup (Left hand Stagger?)
  96. Jaguar Magnet Length and Diameter?
  97. Making my own Baseplates ... with pics!
  98. To whoever recently sold Animal Magnetism over Amazon...
  99. anyone have any 40 and or 41 awg they can spare?
  100. Any magnet experts here? (determining how strong a custom magnet will be)
  101. Don't everyone click BUY NOW all at once ,what a deal
  102. Anyone seen one of these?
  103. Good deals on PRE-assembled bobbins
  104. Bar stock for keepers
  105. Plastics
  106. Otpg game over
  107. Whatcha doin?
  108. Pickup Parts quality
  109. doing business with local music shops
  110. Hello from new guy! Hav a question on wire
  111. Phase Coherence as a measure of Acoustic Quality
  112. Old EMG J-set info need
  113. How does EMI flux disruption differ from string flux disruption?
  114. guitar electronic problems due to air travel?
  115. Got a buttload of magnets here to share
  116. Humbuckers
  117. Gibson 500T and 496R questions?
  118. A new member saying hello...
  119. Epoxy encapsultation for the busy working mum.
  120. Seymour Duncan SJBJ-1 Sytle Pickup Question
  121. Some questions about Dynasonics
  122. looking for Alnico 8 rods
  123. Wax potting again - should I be able to hear non magnetic vibrations after?
  124. Why NOBODY offers...
  125. Guitar pickup current?
  126. Need Distortion Mags
  127. Interesting RE-vamp idea of Fender MIM pickups
  128. Seymour's new cryo-silver pickup
  129. newby question about wind tension
  130. Some basic questions?
  131. Sources for soft (<1018) .065" flat barstock (small quantities)
  132. Long Skirt Bucker Covers
  133. Found! Special coil winder that exactly replicates hand scatter wound PAFs!
  134. Looking for cream humbucker covers.
  135. Gibson Les Paul neck pickup rig - screw hole spacing.
  136. Information needed
  137. Pickup Output And Solid State Distortion Pedals Question...
  138. Dobro Pickups
  139. boutique capacitor reveal
  140. Bartolini pbf pickups no dc resistance reading/ no customer support
  141. strat and tele bridge pickup angles
  142. P90 Bobbins - 52mm Pole spacing
  143. pickup replacement noise question
  144. Pickup winding/basic info needed...Newbie content!
  145. Rick's 38ga 1000wind bucker challenge
  146. DeArmond 1100 Rewind
  147. Why no single coil blade pickups?
  148. Magnetic Hold has Sensmag products!
  149. First atempt at pickup winding. Need Some help!
  150. Happy new year 2011
  151. Musicman Stingray Bass Pickup Covers?
  152. Has anyone tried mags from Cermag? (UK)
  153. help with storing magnets
  154. Winds vs. Length
  155. Help! Cant find a belt!
  156. Can pickup wire be reused?
  157. good choice for pickup testing amplifier?
  158. Merry late christmas and a couple questions...
  159. Relationship between number of turns/inductance/AC Resistance
  160. Pickup theory question
  161. Bobbin rigidity and it's impact on tone
  162. Merry Christmas
  163. Sustainer/Resonator/Ebow/Sustainiac devices
  164. Newb in need of review
  165. Tele bridge base plates... why?
  166. Nice coverage in the January/February Premier Guitar Mag
  167. Anybody have some 44awg PE for sale?
  168. Different grades of Paraffin Make a Difference?
  169. Sound drop-off when hitting high E string hard
  170. PAF authenticity question
  171. Newb Question: Schatten power adapter
  172. Firebird magnets for Mini Humbuckers
  173. Gretcsh Frustrations
  174. tele neck cover
  175. Schatten motor search update: I found a good replacement
  176. Fender Magnet Diameters: When did they change?
  177. Stumped on a pickup
  178. Today's Attempt At Humor
  179. Humbucker issue/question
  180. Naive question: Can nails make decent slugs?
  181. telecaster flatwork PDF/DXF or measurements
  182. winding specs for Burstbuckers?
  184. 70s strat pickups/magnet insulation?
  185. Stuff you guys might like
  186. 42 gauge magnet wire for sale
  187. gaussmeter christmas offer....
  188. Vintage Melody maker bobbin/magnet?
  189. D Sonic DP207 Coil Information
  190. Fender Lead II -- bridge spacing?
  191. Trouble with tele bridge pickup
  192. Looking for Schatten replacement Mabuchi motors
  193. Pushing The 19+K Humbucker Peak... #43 or #44 Wire?
  194. Strat Bridge Single Coil with baseplate
  195. More 1018 Talk
  196. Magnet storage?
  197. Ranking magnet wire insulations
  198. Impedance Switching Possible?
  199. 3M #467 by the single roll?
  200. Where do you guys get your coloured humbucker bobbins from?
  201. Undoing a Q-dope potted pickup?
  202. Magnetic Tensioner (heads up for the Brits)
  203. About making actives....
  204. Happy Thanksgiving
  205. fishman powerchip or similar schematic required
  206. strat magnet length
  207. Macinist Programmer wanted (by Taylor Guitars)
  208. Query about Squier pickups
  209. Rare Earth magnet sale
  210. My New 2012 Destruction Pickup
  211. Sources For AWG 28 6 & 8 Conductor Wire?
  212. Where can I get this cover...?
  213. Does this seem at all practical for making pickup covers?
  214. Winding Tension?
  215. Series / Parallel wiring on Nordstrand DC's! HELP!!
  216. The 'role' of a pickup pole piece?
  217. wax potting lipstick pickups
  218. Ghost Meter
  219. novice question regarding magnet wire
  220. Question about noise cancellation
  221. RWRP question
  222. Humbucker cover alloys and the effect on sound
  223. Veterans Day Sale @ Classic Amplification
  224. Who winds Lipstick pickups like the originals were wound?
  225. 7 Sting Hum Magnet Length
  226. PRS on PAF
  227. Problem with my pups
  228. Im looking for oversized humbucker rings
  229. Do a new pickup need to activate or run in.?
  230. dummy coil tele testing
  231. Widerange Humbucker
  232. P90 bobbin flatwork dimensions.
  233. Van Halen I pickup?
  234. Resolve my Murky tone
  235. Individual coil 5-string pickup; how do I wire it?
  236. Pickup Testing Jigs (jump on the noob)
  237. Five string bass pup question from a new guy.....
  238. encoded magnet polarity
  239. blank humbucker covers?
  240. Pickup winding instructional book??
  241. Q tuner pickups!
  242. Where do you get your bobbins? How to make them??
  243. Challenging and exciting new design needs a guru !
  244. Basic Q About Evaluating Bass Pickup Specs For Non-Expert
  245. EBMM EVH/Axis Pickup Magnet?
  246. Coil shapes & its effects on tone
  247. Homemade Bucker Slugs
  248. Garage Sale at Classic Amplification
  249. mojo 1/2 lb p.e 42 awg spool question
  250. Where can I get side-by-side bobbins for a strat?