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  1. Wide Range Bass Pickup
  2. Switchable additional winds
  3. ID this coil winder
  4. String dampening with .780" X .25" Alnico rods?
  5. Unmuddy my 'bucker or dramatic slug swap results
  6. Mixing magnets?
  7. ground wire not connected
  8. Gibson Ripper pickup information
  9. Dimarzio has REVIVED the blade trademark application
  10. Electro Lap Steel Pickup
  11. Neo-powered sidewinder fresh off the winder
  12. 1008 and 1010 round bar
  13. The elusive Mosrite pickup...
  14. Gibson ES-5 wiring
  15. p90 backing plate experience?
  16. Looking for odd sized A5 Magnets, Help
  17. Dingwall pickups (FD3n) replica making
  18. P-13 info
  19. Circa 1950 Soapbars
  20. Steel used for laminated keepers in Darkstar/Bi-sonic pickups
  21. Nashville Tele Setup - Here's a puzzle for you!
  22. Rickenbacker debacle
  23. '66 Hofner Bass
  24. Precision Bass '51 magnets correct length
  25. Info On This Vox Pickup
  26. Humbucker Magnets And Sources
  27. acustic low z pickups folk guitar
  28. Is it just me, or have major manufacturers gotten this wrong for decades?
  29. low z pickups
  30. hello from a new member
  31. But I digress. . . Off to Italy!!!
  32. Alnico 5 slug suppliers
  33. making J bass covers
  34. active bass preamp troubleshooting
  35. Music Man alnico rod .375"
  36. WRHB Bobbins Machine Wound?
  37. Connectors for 4-wire cables?
  38. Microphonic Feedback After Wax Potting
  39. DiMarzio Dual Sound as a single coil...
  40. 41 plain enamel?
  41. Running out of wire when winding
  42. Need advice/help for my school project!
  43. Dimebucker INFO NEEDED
  44. Calculating Turns Per Layer
  45. Gold Foil pickup screen material
  46. Single coil 51-style Precision bass pickup question.
  47. Matsumoku OH-450
  48. Any Metal Stamper out there?
  49. Open mini-humbucker/firebird covers
  50. Tools to bevel a rod magnets
  51. Blade Humbucker Bobbins -- Does Mojotone have a monopoly?
  52. Wider coils than Jazzmaster pickups?
  53. 49,2 mm P-90 parts source
  54. Drying flatwork
  55. Firebird PU small metal top plate - necessary?
  56. Rules
  57. Old Ibanez Musician bass single coils
  58. Anyone gonna be at the Amigos guitar show in the Chicago suburbs today?
  59. Fender Strat pickup history question. . .
  60. Small buffer for mixing pickup signals?
  61. Chrome humbucker covers
  62. Jazzmaster pickup static problem
  63. Pickup Pricing
  64. fender scn neck pickup question re dc resistance
  65. filtertron covers?
  66. Addiction FX / 1010 steel humbucker screws
  67. Options for making custom pickup covers
  68. Epiphone EB-0 pickup
  69. DImarzio tries a NEW trademark - Cream w/ blade poles
  70. Vintage Size No Hole J Bass Covers
  71. Undrilled Wide Range Humbucker Covers
  72. Test for Sidewinders
  73. Measuring resonant peak
  74. Cream Plastic Humbucker Covers or Plastic Source?
  75. Tone Kraft
  76. Anybody done critical measurement compilation of off-the-shelf HB bobbins?
  77. On Double-cream. New movement on the petition to cancel. READ!
  78. DiMarios 80s Any made with none hex poles, blank, slot type dia.? Re Kay K45 guitar
  79. Trademarks or Patents on Pole Piece Placement?
  80. Bassic Pickup Winding Conversions
  81. open top pickup cover inserts - laser cut?
  82. Odd problem with pickup
  83. Gibson Les Paul supreme 2014 floating pickup
  84. PCBs as baseplates?
  85. Strat & Tele Coil Heights
  86. 30-year project almost done, but not quite - problem with neos?
  87. DCR ,Turns
  88. Q: lacquer "potting"?
  89. Soldering magnet wire to pad on a PCB
  90. What Could Account For This?
  91. Filtertron Magnets - Source? Group Buy?
  92. Identify these pickups....
  93. Single poly insulation on Rem wire
  94. Low viscosity low curing temp potting material
  95. Pinout and connector info for current Gibson PU's into circuit board ?
  96. Why not submerged winding?
  97. P-90 Wind Info
  98. Couple videos I took whiel at the NAMM show...
  99. Source for 1/4" diameter alnico 5 rod magnets?
  100. What is the toughest insulation to accidentally knock off?
  101. Problem with B-Band A11 Sound System on my Cort Sunset NY
  102. Self-demagnetizing & Jazzmaster pickups
  103. What winding speed do you use.
  104. How can you tell what year a DeArmond accoustic pickup is?
  105. What potting wax mix?
  106. Cutting ALNICO Magnets
  107. Cream humbucker plastic covers
  108. Stimer pickup attempt
  109. What on earth is this?
  110. new winder
  111. How to disassemble dual rails
  112. Removing Crusty foam from Vintage Jaguar Pickup
  113. WD no longer selling to Canadians/ WD distro'd by Yorkville.
  114. Pick up magnets for sale in bulk
  115. How thick were Charlie Christian blades?
  116. Work in progress, Vax potting pot..
  117. dearmond 1000 volume pot has dead spot ....
  118. Mitigating eddy current losses in pickup covers, and other metal parts
  119. weird wire
  120. Weird Humbucker question
  121. Capacitance of common volume pots
  122. Optimizing the Big Dummies
  123. Noise Machine
  124. First 3D printed magnets.
  125. Identify this Gibson pup
  126. Moving a Coil Farther from the Magnets...?
  127. A very interesting thread in the Guitar Tech forum
  128. Need a rewind for a vintage Gibson Dirty Fingers near Philadelphia
  129. Kaputt coil?
  130. Maybe my Van Halen tone breakthrough?
  131. Guild Bass Humbucker
  132. Mojotone Flatwork
  133. Original Silvertone lipstick repair.
  134. Advertising Swag
  135. Major bummer...misleading price quotes.
  136. 3D Printing Magnetically Conductive PLA?
  137. Crackling sound when played hard?
  138. nickel silver or brass
  139. Original Gibson 'Mudbuckers' and noise rejection
  140. Alternate metals
  141. 18 years ago yesterday
  142. Unsure how to re-gauss the magnets in this pickup
  143. HB bobbin mold pics
  144. Multi-Coil Prototype - Wal-Style Pickup For Guitar
  145. MWS Wire Company?
  146. Coil Tension
  147. Problem with 3 split coil
  148. Is String Grounding Necessary?
  149. No high frequencies here!
  150. Source for 1/4" thick Alnico bar magnets?
  151. tele bass single coil specs
  152. HS Mag Warning!
  153. Dearmond / Rowe rewind suggestions
  154. Coil capacitance and tapped coils
  155. Music Man bass pickup wirings
  156. Quality Humbucker Parts Supplier?
  157. Fender WRHB made by G&B Pickup CO.LTD
  158. School me on quality differences of Humbucker Covers
  159. Anyone want rock maple spacers?
  160. DiMarzio is sueing Sheptone over double-creme
  161. syscomp resonant peak reading help.
  162. Gold Foils in a P90
  163. Telecaster Bridge Pickup Baseplate - A New Look
  164. 416 stainless steel pole pieces and slugs
  165. Which winder and more
  166. Gibson mounting plate for P90S and mini-hums?
  167. A 2012 color trademark court desicion. Pay attention.
  168. Hint for Keeping Count while Hand-Turning Coils.
  169. EMG Inspired Preamp PCB
  170. Alnico mags for Musicman-style pickups
  171. Nickel Silver Sheet
  172. Danelectro 59 M-NOS pickups
  173. GOTOH pickups in this guitar - anyone seen them or the guitar before - info on both?
  174. Hershey Pickup Covers?
  175. Inductance chart?
  176. Holmes article from 09
  177. handheld tension gauge from mojo and stewmac
  178. DCR vs. Rs
  179. 3D printing... yea or nay?
  180. Q: 4P5T rotary switch sources?
  181. Bicentennial Firebird Pickup -- Magnet
  182. Dummy coil experiment... A Pot for testing.
  183. MT Mini Humbucker Kit kind of sloppy fit
  184. Antigua did it again
  185. Jass Bass Pickup
  186. Impact of neck pickup on electric guitar tone
  187. Wierd phone call this morning....fromn an old customer.
  188. Split P Bass pickups and hum.
  189. When to repot?
  190. Bahhney Kessel Neck Pickup...
  191. Anyone have a inductance test layout?
  192. New idea for HB?
  193. Destroy and veiw inside Sunrise-S2 pickup
  194. Any idea what alloy Duncan uses on their keepers and polepieces?
  195. What all is required of a secondary coil in order to allow it to humbuck effectively?
  196. Low Impedance Pickups: What Am I Doing Wrong?!
  197. Correlated Magnets - Applications for Pickups ?
  198. Any one use WD Nickel humbucker covers ?
  199. Schector 1979 P bass pickups
  200. empty wire spools
  201. Finger Rest Pickguard/Pickup Combo
  202. Use Allparts HB bobbins? There's been a change.
  203. Humbucker phase testing
  204. Series/Parrallel verses ohms
  205. Single coil Pickups GLASSY SOUND problem!!!!
  206. Pickups out of phase?
  207. Anyone ever tumble unplated 'bucker covers?
  208. Were orig. vintage tele neck pickup coils taped underneath the cover?
  209. Help choosing Audio Transformer for Stompbox
  210. Minihumbucker rings - size variance
  211. Grounding problem?
  212. Soldering 42 AWG plain enamel wire to the hookup wire
  213. Pickup (single coil) placement determination
  214. Nice pickup experiment
  215. 5 string p bass pickup
  216. Blade Style Pickup - Ceramic Magnet Orientation
  217. Measuring pickups
  218. Effect of higher wound screw vs slug coil in offset humbucker?
  219. ID older Strat single coil ...
  220. .150 x .150 coated copper wire
  221. How emulate passive PU + tone cap resonance with active PUs
  222. Qaud coil with dual magnets for bass
  223. Anyone have some threaded mags to sell or... Group Buy?
  224. Singlecoil vs humbucker # of rounds
  225. Scatterwinding in humbuckers
  226. Differences in sound of the same pickup wound to the same DCR with different wire AWG
  227. Un-potting a late 60's Fender pickup
  228. Bartolini Pick-up ID
  229. Strat sized P90 wih alnico bars
  230. What's the deal with those split-blade Fralins?
  231. New overseas postage rates in effect for USPS Priority and Priority Express, beware..
  232. Noise cancellation on pickups with base plates
  233. Doug and Pat show's review of our new P90 for humbucker routs
  234. Tarback Pickups
  235. What would you use?
  236. Short/low profile dogear neck p90 covers
  237. Allparts P90 bobbins
  238. Another Run At Medium Z (around 1 Henry) Pickups and Preamps
  239. Bobbin dimensions/windings
  240. Musicmaster Bass Pickups
  241. Ted McCarty/Grant Green Thin Single Coil Pickup Project
  242. Absinthe and Toasters
  243. Humbucker F spacing 53mm or 52mm
  244. Coverting Strat Ceramic Magnet Pups to Alnico rods
  245. Pickup identification
  246. Johnny Smith covers
  247. Pickup Identification
  248. Pictoral Closeup of 3M #11 Tape?
  249. Would This Work?
  250. Gold Foil Pickup Parts