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  1. MWS heavy formvar
  2. Image Processing for determining Pickup Re-Winding Patterns
  3. One HB bobbin at 8 k Ohm??
  4. 6 Hole, 50mm, Humbucker Base Plates
  5. counter and prox sensor woes
  6. Multimeters -- Recommendations
  7. Decade Capacitor Boxes
  8. number of spires for hofner guitar humbucker
  9. Lipstick Base
  10. My Pickup Winder
  11. Gold Foil Bobbins
  12. What blades for Cutting Alnico ?
  13. Pickups parts storage ?
  14. Mojotone Beef
  15. Cam Auto Traverse Questions
  16. New toy!
  17. Another new manual winder option
  18. Flat pickup winding jig
  19. Syscomp CGR-201
  20. Geo Stevens Heart Shaped Cams (for any 1/4" shaft and DIY setup)
  21. Any thoughts on using this gear?
  22. My 20 dollars winder
  23. Geo Stevens 38 AMI
  24. My new (old) winder...
  25. Adams Maxwell Model 1201-3AX Winder
  26. Peavey's Meteor Speaker Coil Winder on eBay
  27. Broken impedance switch in Bugera Infinitum xl333 combo amp.
  28. Anyone use this CNC winder?
  29. wax pot with what?
  30. Intro and a Winder Meteor ME301
  31. Designing a coil polarity tester as a group project.
  32. Humbucker Screw Installation Jigs
  33. Hand vacuum for potting pickups?
  34. CNC Design Guitar Coil Winder--new toy...help
  35. UV curing light 220V 50Hz on 240V 60hz
  36. Selling lots of stuff...sadly
  37. Meteor ME-301 on eBay
  38. Incoming: Coweco Model W Coil Winding Machine
  39. Bachi 115 Winders on eBay (2)
  40. Fishing Reel Auto-Traverse
  41. New IO board to control 4 R/C type servo motors from a PC
  42. What's On The Market For Auto-Winders
  43. New Winder
  44. IR Sensor Hookup
  45. new ohm meter for winders
  46. Magnet Jig
  47. Thoughts on Terp53 Custom Pickup Winder?
  48. Speed Control for Variable Speed Motor/Winder
  49. my new winder
  50. Inexpensive Hobby Sized Lasers?
  51. Capacitor "Test Drive" box
  52. Bachi Coil Winder on eBay
  53. Geo Stevens Variac speed control
  54. Bachi Winder Gears on eBay
  55. Magnetizing alnico rods
  56. Need a new coil winder
  57. Coil Winder (via CNC Machine hack)
  58. PSA: "Winder" on the Cheap
  59. Drill Through Metal Templates?
  60. My humble winder
  61. Homemade CA Accelerator
  62. Fred Stewart winding video. Interesting magnet loader.
  63. CNC'g Flatwork
  64. DIY cryo treatment
  65. Plastic polish?
  66. My pickup winder
  67. Coil winder technology?
  68. CA Glue (Super Glue)
  69. Need input on materials for a Humbucker rebuild
  70. Help - Mechanical Counter Trouble
  71. Coweco on Ebay
  72. New Winder slowly coming together
  73. Tension gauge use question
  74. "New" Coil Winder
  75. Here is a few pics of my Arduino winder.
  76. Any Machinists out there doing winding? CNC metal operators?
  77. Router speed controller / Sewing Machine Motor wiring help
  78. PMW down. alternative?
  79. Homebrew pickup winder, many on Youtube
  80. The Modern Gibson Factory P/UP Winding Machine's Despooler and Tensioning System?
  81. Faceplate makers?
  82. Cloth tape for humbucker, any cheap alternatives?
  83. mojotone hand guided tensioner
  84. which winder coil choose? Help!!!
  85. Vacuum Pump for potting pickups
  86. Pickup Winding Counter Help Please (Red Lion Cub3)
  87. Helmuth Lemme Pickup Analyzer
  88. Anyone have a hot glue gun they like. What glue for what purpose?
  89. Anybody with experience using a meter-wheel as a turn counter?
  90. can you say "Bendix"???
  91. Guass meter from "elepro"
  92. DIY Winder Progress
  93. Handguided humbucker winding...am I missing something
  94. Adams Winding Technologies
  95. Coweco Winding Machines (2)
  96. Tattoo Coil Winder
  97. Cleaning Grease and Oil from Older Winders
  98. Rheostat for Glue Pot
  99. Electric Magnetizer
  100. Syscomp CGR-101 full screen update heads up
  101. World’s Smallest Oscilloscopes
  102. Mini Vacuum Table
  103. My new pickup magnetizer
  104. Winder part
  105. Good Looking Winder on Ebay ... perfect for beginer
  106. Suggestions re. Gauss meter?
  107. Removing Wax Potting ~ Heat & Centrifuge ?
  108. Is it ok to advertise my winders here ?
  109. Good U$59 motor
  110. Laser Type Photo Tachometer
  111. Pickup winder w/tach, counter and autostop (programmable number of turns)
  112. Counter tachometer
  113. Tele bridge assembly jig
  114. Sal Ammoniac Bar
  115. New Mojo winder
  116. New mini winder from cncdudez
  117. New Guitar Pickup Mini Coil Winder
  118. Stupid question about resonant frequency test.
  119. Stepper VS DC motors
  120. Building an arduino based winder
  121. A quick question about coil guides/traverse limiters
  122. Any tips for holding PTFE coated wire while stripping?
  123. Tensioner, gauge, and manual traverser
  124. Making my first winder and need a little advice
  125. First winder build, motor questions
  126. Geo Stevens 700 AM Winder
  127. DIY Winder Help
  128. Quick'n' dirty hand winder for Chiliachki dummy coils
  129. new small winder from WSC
  130. Fancy looking tensioners on ebay.
  131. Free pickup winder
  132. Traversers for CNC a winder
  133. COWECO coil winding docs (link)
  134. Motor recommendations and Torque.
  135. Anyone selling a MAG24C??
  136. Winders Lathe vs Bench grinder/polisher
  137. Gettin started (lookin into winders)
  138. Help wiring my counter
  139. Interest in Pickup Winders - A Poll (v.2). . .
  140. Interest in Manual Pickup Winders
  141. Building my first winder, help needed :)
  142. Bobbin machining jig for CNC router
  143. need help with wiring dimmer
  144. Anyone gonna get ripped off for wire??
  145. What do the companies do?
  146. Just Because I "Can" - A Silly Winder Build
  147. Schatten Upgrades
  148. Auto Winder
  149. Solder?
  150. Home built CNC router resources
  151. Injection Molding
  152. Meteor Me307 winder
  153. Wax poting
  154. Wire length counter for winder
  155. check out this coil winder. seems to work well.
  156. $75 Gaussmeter on eBay (the "slot car guy" one)
  157. Polarity Tester
  158. Schatten - 2 new winders (not an ad, just a "hey look what's new")
  159. New Winder building tool? (a bit OT, but it is a tool!)
  160. What is this called and where do I buy one???
  161. How To Build A Magnet Charger (Guide)
  162. Pickup Wind Designer program ...what would you like to see included ?
  163. Need a Traverse Rail??
  164. Stepper Motor Tensioning
  165. Is anyone selling bobbin brackets for winders?
  166. Low-Priced Winders on eBay
  167. Traverse controller
  168. Counter Specs
  169. Question about grounding a DC motor
  170. About WePay...
  171. Steam-powered winder? Too cool!
  172. Working on a new winder. . .
  173. Magnet Stagger to Match Fingerboard Radius
  174. Re-Spooling?
  175. Mini auto-traversing winder
  176. Traverse
  177. Vacuum Potting in the "At Home" Shop
  178. Oscillating Fan For Coil Winder
  179. Forum's Ugliest Winder. . . Almost complete
  180. Heart Shaped Cam Calculator?
  181. Leesona 102B In The House!
  182. New Guy's (Me) Contribution to Forum - Wind Counter
  183. Help me hook up a sensor?
  184. What's my gear worth
  185. assistance connecting a sensor to a counter
  186. CNC Pickup Winder
  187. i need a new Micrometer
  188. Pulling Pickup Winder together
  189. Humbucker winding with different AWG wires on bobbins
  190. Where to get a schatten-style bobbin mounting plate/ flywheel.
  191. >>Optek OPB755TAZ sensor to Red Lion Cub 2 wiring help needed<<
  192. Selling Sidewinder and 42-44awg
  193. Where to find a closed Nickel silver Tele pickup covers.
  194. Dancing arms: Who has had success using them?
  195. Plain Enamel Wire ??
  196. Commercial Winders - who's using one?
  197. Aumann Winder
  198. Dc motors and temperature
  199. What Small Router for guitar and pickups routing?
  200. Easy to make Bobbin Mounting plate from scraps you have lying around
  201. Wiring the microswitch and counter
  202. Need advice or first-hand experience with LC100-A and T86
  203. New Compact Winder Being Designed
  204. New winder needing help with counter wiring
  205. Bobbin mount (aka platen) shape
  206. the Thomas Winder
  207. My first successful homemade powered winder is finally built!
  208. Could do with some advice on upgrading Schatten speed controller
  209. Am I magnetizing wrong
  210. Counting turns on a mini-lathe winder
  211. Found a winder
  212. Winder for sale?
  213. How are you powering your homemade winder?
  214. How to wind wire tights.
  215. Soldering Tips Videos
  216. Auto traversing mechanisms: ideas and potential problems.
  217. Sheaves (a.k.a. pulleys)
  218. A hefty 12 VDC motor
  219. Sanding Devices!
  220. Old German Winding Machine on eBay
  221. Top going or top coming?
  222. Tension!!! the never ending battle continues :confused:
  223. What adhesives WON'T get smoked by a soldering iron?
  224. Cheap Tesla Meters from China
  225. Soldering Irons
  226. Talk to me about whisker disks
  227. Ohm guitars sidewinder
  228. Alternate to McMaster Carr for winder parts
  229. Bruce Johnson?
  230. Professional Winding Machines from India
  231. Bobbin Shortage
  232. Sony Reel to Reel
  233. George Stevens guys - What do you think of this older 230 machine?
  234. Elepro's Pickup Winder Controller Board
  235. Pickup Formulas
  236. new pickup winding machine
  237. New CNC coil winder in the offing (UK)
  238. Pick up winder ideas
  239. Crock Pot Surgery!
  240. Where to start with making your own pickup covers and bobbins ?
  241. A New Electric Turns Counter/Drive for the Geo. Stevens Winder?
  242. Real Unrestored 1950's Vintage Geo. Stevens Winder Porn Inside!
  243. CNC cutting services?
  244. Anyone have a George Stevens coil winder in here?
  245. One Inch Micrometer
  246. Something Funny
  247. Finished my Pickup Winder....Almost! Where to put my wire guide?
  248. Pickup winder materials
  249. Pickup winder and other stuff
  250. Hiow to mount bobbin to shaft?