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  1. microphonic resistor, or end of shielded cable?
  2. getting started Debugging a buzz/hum (AB763 deluxe, new build)
  3. Experiment - Combine a UL Pro Reverb and a Super Texan Circuit to make great AMP!
  4. 2 Channel Amp Help with squeal on one channel
  5. Deluxe Reverb Build Problem!
  6. JTM45 build presence oscillation
  7. 50w Plexi build -- odd operation
  8. Ampeg GU-12 build and tremolo not working
  9. Do you see anything in this circuit that could cause reverb ringing?
  10. AB764 Vibro Champ Build - Voltage Questions
  11. 5e9-a tweed tremolux build not tremoloing very much
  12. Deluxe Reverb (ab763) Reverb RCA's wiring
  13. New blackface-ish circuit with 6BM8 tubes, motor boating and some kind of ringing.
  14. New 18 watt lite build, faint buzz/distortion on low notes- HELP!
  15. Princeton Reverb build with pot for bias does not have enough negative bias voltage
  16. 12AU7 as a power tube red plating
  17. Amp kit build help
  18. Blackface Princeton Reverb with 2.x vac on grids of v1?
  19. Low Volume-weird EF86 plate voltage
  20. ac ripple on screen grids Ultralinear
  21. Tone stack not very responsive
  22. **Exciting reverb noise question**
  23. 1987 plexi circuit - cathode follower issues
  24. Reducing Noise
  25. 5F1 distortion and low volume proble with kit build
  26. Having a hard time debugging this one...
  27. early 60's 6g2 brown Princeton circuit
  28. 1974x ot?
  29. Intermitent squeal not affected by MV settings
  30. 5f1 build-reducing buzz/hum
  31. Dlx Rev rebuild- totally dead.
  32. Tremolo pedal switch- THUMP!
  33. Help with 120Hz hum issue on Bogner Clone
  34. What are some of your memorable build blunders?
  35. First start of new build
  36. Schematics Power Capacitors question
  37. 5e9-a build - sounds great - no trem
  38. 5E5-A Fender Pro 120 Cycle Hum
  39. 5f6a bassman - feedback oscillation? Help!
  40. Multiple issues with new build.
  41. Mojotone BF Bassman AA165 - No Sound
  42. more headroom for my PI
  43. SVT clone power supply high B+
  44. 18 Watt Lite HUM
  45. Fresh 5e9-a build sounds great but has two minor issues
  46. New JTM45 build-low power output, early distortion
  47. Leds to light up head like a Christmas tree!
  48. kalamazoo model one
  49. ceriatone 5f1 with junk parts voltage?
  50. Weber 6M45P blowing B+ fuse
  51. JCM800 input question
  52. Sunn 2000s clone motorboating
  53. plexi 50 watt clone with very strange issue - Non Tremolo making pi trem sounds ?...
  54. 5f1 saga... ground issue?
  55. ab763 pi saturation
  56. 5F10 insane tube current
  57. Eliminate transformer hum in reverb tank?
  58. 6V6 Plexi needs more watts
  59. DIY 18 Watt Question.
  60. Bassman AA864 hum trouble
  61. diode rectifier in a 5f2-a princeton - did I booboo?
  62. 5e3 weird voltages and B+
  63. Just finished a 6G5-A Pro copy -- inconsistency between layout and schematic --
  64. British 18watt Kit Tremolo Noise
  65. HELP! No sound on Clean Channel on Dual EQ SLO clone
  66. Calculating Dropping Resistors
  67. crazy crackle at start up
  68. 5f10 Harvard build -- input and bias issues
  69. Pop when switching NFB switch on 5F2A clone
  70. Name that hum - vibro champ build
  71. Indicator light on when amp is off??
  72. Minor debugging needed for 1987 Plexi
  73. last problem i hope, awful- awful squealing when dimed.
  74. power section needs "jump starting" every time i power it on/off
  75. low B+ voltage on a fresh 5f1 build
  76. OR120 build issue
  77. 5G9 DC on Volume pots
  78. Hiwatt DR103 build - Voltages too low
  79. JTM45 smoked resistor
  80. 5F1 cathode resistor voltage extremely high
  81. 2xEL84 amp with long-tailed pair PI - questions
  82. B15 Preamp issue
  83. 5F6A problem?
  84. Two issues with 6G3 build--hum and low preamp plate voltage
  85. phase inverter has too much gain
  86. 5E5-A low output volume
  87. New 5F2A, not sure voltages are good.
  88. no cathode voltage on 2/3 preamp stages
  89. 5F11 voltage/amps issue...not able to bias
  90. dropping resistors not dropping
  91. Biasing ?
  92. Reverb tank hum help please :)
  93. 5F1 New Build Very Low Volume
  94. Might be a dumb Q
  95. Trem switching weirdness HELP PLEASE
  96. Idle current going way too high
  97. Heaters blow fuse
  98. 6G2 uneven bias wiggle
  99. Ampeg B15 Build -- Bias supply question
  100. New OR120 build. Blown HT fuse = HALF voltage?
  101. Bad squealing in OR120 build.
  102. New build with a baffling problem
  103. Please help. Troubleshoot first build?!?!?
  104. JTM 45 build
  105. Clone of a Clone
  106. Motorboating issue on new build. Extension of the E88CC thread.
  107. So they sent me E88CCs ?
  108. New, First Build 18 Watt Marshall Clone No Sound.
  109. AB763 No verb, no vibe, 1 channel help
  110. Tremolo problem in modifed 5F11
  111. Matchless Tone Stack problems - help!
  112. BF Deluxe new build troubleshooting
  113. Crackles/pops in JCM800 build
  114. Hum issue in 18 watt 6bq5 build
  115. New 5F1 - Strange Problem - Low B+ with tubes plugged in
  116. Help with first build. 5F1 Champ
  117. new 5e3 build blowing fuse
  118. crosstalk and fizzyness in plexi se
  119. Homemade EL84 Push-Pull amp doesn't work
  120. Problem witjh Mojotone 5E8-A - Treble pot acting as Volume control
  121. Princeton AA964 clone low volume output and various other issues
  122. Can't get 5D8 Twin PI to balance!
  123. Weber 18 watt tmb help trebel and bass very scratchy mid ok, random pops static
  124. Fender twin reverb (ab763) PI trouble
  125. AA964 Princeton Squeal/Chirp on Power Off
  126. 5f1 slight audible oscillation
  127. Presence control strange behaviour
  128. Ampmaker Double Six power supply problem
  129. Problem with Mojotone 5F1 build - no sound
  130. magnatone 260 vibrato in fender super 5D4
  131. TUT 3 Plexi Build Parasitic Oscillation Problems - Strange one!
  132. Bugs in tube / mosfet trem
  133. Bad cat hot cat bias?
  134. Revisiting an Old Project 100w Plexi
  135. Hammond AO-35 Carmen Ghia conversion question
  136. Recent build is DULL sounding
  137. Two-stroke amp not making any sound
  138. Please help with my first build 5F1 with no sound
  139. Vibroverb 6G16 tremelo circuit
  140. More distortion from EF86's rather than headroom?
  141. Crazy 5f1
  142. Plexi50/JTM50 build
  143. Cathode bias 125% of max dissipation :O
  144. Help with grounding scheme in 18 watt clone
  145. 5F1 build developed squeal when on high volume
  146. power tranny?
  147. 18 watt TMB build,no sound?
  148. 20 watt Doberman transformer?
  149. Update on my 'New Champ Build Problems'...
  150. First 5E3 - Distortion,
  151. 18 watt TMB?
  152. First post and debugging dillema of trinity 5E3
  153. Replacing caps in tube amp
  154. Trying to blend (link) two channels tube preamp.
  155. 18 Watt gremlins - Need help (with audio clip)
  156. Weber 5F6A Noise
  157. 5F1 - Low Sound output
  158. 5f1 Build - Squeal - Pls Help
  159. are these voltages correct ?
  160. hum on stand by, any ideas ?
  161. What is wrong here? Newly built amp makes a weird noise!
  162. '65 BF Twin Reverb(AB763) scratch build
  163. Still humming some.
  164. Hi all, new here.
  165. 5f1 Help Needed - DOA
  166. Power cord hot/neutral/ground question.
  167. Randall RG80 pre-amp
  168. Everything is great until I pull out my guitar cable
  169. Rectifier Tube Question...
  170. Peavey Bravo clone - Plz check my schematic!
  171. New Champ Build Problems...
  172. 5F1 with 5AR4 rectifier - excessive hum
  173. hum, i didn't do my home work...
  174. Distortion from 1 half of long tail phase inverter
  175. Fender DR Vibrato - intermittent fuzzy noise + other noises
  176. Strange Problem
  177. Stand alone reverb project - dry signal attenuation issue
  178. First Build Blues: Mojo JTM45
  179. Excessive hum
  180. First Build: Ruby debug help
  181. Deluxe Reverb Build - Bias way too hot, and other problems
  182. Can only hear it when volume maxed out (Ampeg SB-12 build)
  183. Deluxe Reverb clone - ugly distortion when v3 is connected - help!
  184. Trying to solve reason for low output (5F4 Super circuit)
  185. Fender 6G6-B Voltage way too high
  186. Very high screen current?!
  187. Low power from Champ style build
  188. JCM 800 build output transformer hum
  189. squealing out of control when powered on
  190. new build 5X3 Fender 2nd input problem
  191. 6g2 tremolo issue
  192. More 5F1 Champ Build problems...this one is strange
  193. Plexi/800 build hums if >60% max dissipation
  194. First build problem
  195. Clone Sorta Fender Pro Reverb problems?
  196. Princeton Reverb: Hum, Low B+, dead PT ...
  197. Hiss in new build
  198. Can't lower 5e3 B+ with Zeners
  199. Negative voltage on grid of cathode biased output tube...
  200. Super reverb making a breaking up noise/static sound
  201. 5f1 DIY...No Guitar Sounds....
  202. 5e3 motorboating?
  203. Mojotone JTM45 build issues-RR
  204. 5E3P Build problem
  205. Home Brew SVT Hum Issues - Suggestions
  206. New Marshall JTM-45 clone build making noise on high gain.
  207. Any ideas why this mid pot is not working?
  208. New Marshall JTM-45 clone build makes harsh loud noise.
  209. DIY Bassman 5F6-A treble knob acting very strange...
  210. B+ Issues in Tweed Twin Build
  211. ac30 build low volume
  212. Minor issues with a new build
  213. Home Brew SVT Bias Issues
  214. Bias 10mv difference in power tubes
  215. consistent issue across builds...
  216. help with build
  217. 5E3 new build. Pin 5 dcv not right?
  218. Max volume too low on tweed twin
  219. two problems with tweed style build
  220. bad cat mini?
  221. Hiss... again, but no boos
  222. rebuilding an amp without a layout?
  223. hum and squeal - hand wired Blackheart Little giant
  224. Princeton Reverb doesn't overdrive
  225. Super Lead 1959 clone - curious bright cap behavior
  226. Super Lead 1959 Clone Hum
  227. Princeton Reveb New Build.
  228. Problems with cabinet grounding
  229. issues with ac-30 build
  230. 5e3 Troubleshooting
  231. 5g9 bias cap exploded!! Now what...?
  232. Preamp heaters meter 3V, but no glow and no sound. What's up??
  233. Need some help on a 5F1, please.
  234. Amp Hum, most common cause(s) ???
  235. Checking voltages
  236. Blew up my Ruby - need help fixing
  237. Hum and buzz
  238. 5f6a still making trouble
  239. PSU or lead dress issue
  240. old Gibson Atlas top hummm
  241. New 5F8A HUMS!
  242. Mojo Princeton Reverb
  243. Help with homebrew amp
  244. BAD CAt Hot Cat ?
  245. Tone Stack Trouble
  246. 5F6-A / JTM45 copy squeals
  247. New build, no ouput...What first?
  248. SS Diode-audible mechanical or electrical tick noise ?
  249. Super Lead clone - lack distortion inside head box
  250. Uh-Oh No paddle