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Thread: Bell & Howell filmosound 185

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    Bell & Howell filmosound 185


    Can anyone tell me what this amp is capable of as a guitar amp? What kind of amp on the market is it equivalent to? I am very new to tube amps. I just sold a filmosond 185 projector and seperate matching speaker and I'm wondering how hard I should be kicking myself right now. I didn't even think of using this thing for my guitar.

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    I have one mounted in a '30s Kodak movie cabinet with a single 10" speaker. It's got 2x6V6 and about 12-15 watts, mic input, tone, and volume. It sounds amazing for guitar, but it really shines as a harp amp. James Cotton has used it on a few recordings and it nails his early 60's tone...Found the amp and cab in local thrift stores and I think the whole thing cost me about 5 bucks.

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    You could do a Supro, a GA 20, a 5E3 and the list goes on.

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    Do some searching on this forum for Bell and Howell. We have discussed conversion here on several of them
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