My Fender/Vox love child amp. Not a scratch build. Just an old burned out Dean Markley combo I gutted and used for this project. Hear are some sound clips. Nothing fancy or rehearsed. I just threw some chords and notes together to give a sample of the sound.

Much appreciation for all those here who offered their tips, advice, and help with different issues and questions as they came up. I learned a lot about grounding. More than I knew before (which wasn't all that much to begin with.) Nice article by Merlin. Took several passes to get it, but I think I did in the end.

I added a TUT FX loop and was VERY pleased with the outcome. And it worked first time out! I usually have to go back and find someplace where I mucked things up.

I also added a single tube reverb since the tank and connections where already in place. Seemed a shame not to. I tried to use a foldback reverb at first. But this required more finessing than I am capable of. I went with a schematic I found here on some thread. Carolina Blues Special, or something like that, sound familiar to anyone? That took some tweaking to get the noise down and somewhere along the way the tone got real dark. Not sure what I did to fix it, except maybe futzing with lead dress and grounding. Not a deep reverb, but just enough.

The Fender side is still a bit disproportionately louder than the Vox side, at the same volume setting. But that works out OK since I use the Fender side for clean most of the time anyway, so the volume stays down. PPIMV and a A/B switch box takes care of things quite nicely.