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Thread: Peavey 6505+ problem

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    Peavey 6505+ problem

    Hi everybody,

    I`m the owner of the Peavey 6505+ head. It`s 2 months old and I buy it in store (NEW). I have played for 2 months on the volume (post) 2 which was just enough for our rehearsal place. But yesterday I tried just for fun to put the post on 8... and the sound become very harsh - bad. After 2 min. of playing on post 8, the fuse (F3.15A) explode. So i replace it with the new one. And all become to normal. And i tried again doing the same thing, and it was the same... when i put the post more than 3 the sound become really bad, harsh, and when i putted to 7 the fuse explodes again and i replace it again. And the tubes when i put post more than 3, makes a dark blue flame.

    So plz someone, tell me whats wrong

    Thx very much!


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    I think you have a bad tube. Pull the two outside tubes and try again. Then if it still does it pull the two middle tubes. Blue glow is fine

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    I do not know the warranty for that amp on your country. I am sure it is different from the warranty here. But it should cover a two month old amp. Take the amp back to the dealer and ask for warranty repair.

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