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Thread: What winding speed do you use.

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    What winding speed do you use.

    Was just curious what guys wind at.

    I use roughly 1200 rpm, slow, but I like the tension on the fingers at that speed....and my pace across the coil is easy to time, just used to it.

    Was just curious what other folks are doing.

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    I consider 1200 to be fast for hand winding with fingers.
    That means you can wind a strat coil in 6-8 minutes.
    I wind at different speeds, when winding a coil.
    Start slow, fast in the middle, and slow at the end.
    If you wind faster than that, it is harder to control all the variables.
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    I find when I get to 1500 things can get squirly.

    I don't use stops or a guide, just free hand it on to the bobbin.

    Once I get the bobbin loaded on the winder, yeah, might take 5 minutes to wind a bucker coil, with stops and starts to check how it's laying down.
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    1,131 rpm for my product.
    796 rpm for vintage Fender rewinds.
    I stop every ~ 2,000 turns or so to make sure the wire is laying down the way I want it to lay down.

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    An idea to see how the wire is laying down is to use a strobolight.
    See it (2.40mn)at :
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