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Thread: RJWsoft Schematic editor

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    RJWsoft Schematic editor

    Has anyone got a copy of this? it used to be up for free download on the late Ray Wilson's Music From Outer Space site. It's a really nice tool for creating and publishing schematics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Conner View Post
    If it still won't get loud enough, it's probably broken.

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    Thanks to the Wayback Machine we can almost change history...

    "This free version of Schematic Publisher is complete and supports schematics of up to fifteen pages and as many components as you care to design.
    Schematic Publisher is written in C++ using the MFC framework and as such provides the same ease of use and intuitive control as the Windows programs you are used to."


    Schematic Editor Promo Page

    RJWSoft Schematic Publisher Version 1.0 HTML Help

    System Requirements:
    Microsoft Windows 98 and Up.
    Intel Pentium Processor (minimum) 200 MHZ or faster recommended
    32 MB of RAM required; 64 MB or more recommended
    20 MB of free hard disk space recommended

    Hmm wonder if that ole Win 98 machine has rusted in the basement ? Second Edition of course !!
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    Do you know, I feel stupid.

    I pasted the most recent link into Wayback machine and got nothing downloadable. Then I mention the MFOS site here, and never thought to try that link as well.

    How dumb can someone get?

    Mine's a plate of jackass ears.

    Many, many thanks.

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    Don't feel bad, I did exactly the same thing. Then later I saw OC's post and thought 'how'd he do that'?
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    In my ideal world, I'm not too loud - your room is too small!

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