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Thread: Heads up on great bargain for full-sized SPDT toggle switches!

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    Heads up on great bargain for full-sized SPDT toggle switches!

    I found these switches to be very handy when I was on my OCD trip rewiring Crate V18 & V33 amps with my conversion mods back in 2008.*** I never liked using mini-toggle switches on guitar amp front panels because they could be easily broken.###

    However full-sized toggle switches with their rectangular body were often difficult to squeeze into the available spaces between pcb-mounted pots. For simple switching tasks (like toggling bright caps) these round body SPDT switches from Radio Shack are very handy when modding store-bought amps.

    With Radio Shack in the process of closing practically all of their retail stores in Northern California I thought I might find some good deals on eBay for these switches with a 5/8" diameter round body and a 3/4" depth inside the chassis. I was surprised to find Radio Shack selling these switches on-line for $1.82 (their regular price is $4.54) with free shipping on orders over $19. True to my OCD tendencies (as mentioned in first line of this post) I figured I might as well order 20 of them.

    RadioShack 6A 125V, 3A 250V SPDT Heavy-Duty Switch
    (RS #275-603 - online #2750603)
    Mounting hole: 7/16"
    Body: 5/8" diameter
    Depth inside chassis including terminals and hex nut: 3/4/

    Steve Ahola

    ### This was before the short-bat variety were readily available, which I first saw on the Egnator Rebel 20 amp in early 2009 as I recall.

    *** Musicians' Friend was blowing out their existing inventory of these amps in 2008 and DIYers were buying them up for mods. (The stock amps sounded like crap and had a high failure rate. A MF customer service rep told me that some of the V33's had caught fire on-stage because of a defective OT mounting bracket!)

    I initially bought one of the V18's and studied the board with schematic in hand, figuring out how the PCB could be rewired to copy the preamps of over a dozen classic amps including the SLO100, Trainwreck Liverpool, Maz 18 and even a Dumble ODS (that one required extensive trace cuts following directions on 2 or 3 color-coded layout mod drawings.)

    It was while preparing an amp for the ODS mod that my OCD trip crashed when the PCB was damaged when something fell on it. From that moment on my OCD focus switched to a different object or objective and never returned.

    Final count: I had ended up buying 5 or 6 of the V18's and 2 of the V33 heads. I posted all of my color-coded conversion mod schematics on the 18 watt forum and most of them here and at TGP. The most popular one was the SLO mod which I translated to the V33 pcb as well.

    Whole sh*tload of mods for Crate V18...


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    Thanks, got some.

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