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Thread: Old Ibanez Musician bass single coils

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    Old Ibanez Musician bass single coils

    Hey all,

    Does anyone know much about these pickups?:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    For instance: what the insides look like (fat Jazz style, or more like a P-90?), type of magnets used, coil dimensions, etc...

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    I can't be of much help with specifics, but I do remember a little.

    I good friend had the guitar version in the mid-70s. As I recall, we all thought the Musician series was Ibanez's attempt at building a neck through design similar in concept to Alembic. It had a sustain block under the bridge, and the pickup covers were brown with 3 leveling screws. It was a very heavy guitar and sounded pretty good. I think it was offered in both "active" & "passive" pickup systems.

    Now this is were my memory may be a little off, but as I recall the pickups were epoxy potted making it impossible for us to understand what the guts were. There were coil split switches, so the pickups had to have been twin coils or a tapped single coil. I also think it may have had a dummy coil as well, but I'm reaching back a long time.

    I do remember really liking the knobs, and from your pic, I still do. Pickups may have been called "Super 88".

    Probably not much help, but it is what I recall.


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