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Thread: Digitech RP 1000 burned

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    Question Digitech RP 1000 burned

    This is my first post so i hope to find any help on this matter.

    My RP1000 received a mayor peak of voltage on one of mi gigs and stop working, meaning, there's no sound out of it, the lights are on, the switches work, but cero sound. When i finally opened i've found this completely burned.

    So i've oredered the piece, it's a MP1542, hoping that when i change it my RP it's going to be back. I have cero experience on changing SMD components and i doesn't know the implication of such damage on other components and i will apreciate any help and pointers on this matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meccanismo View Post
    I have cero experience on changing SMD components
    If you have no experience removing SMD components, you can try ChipQuik:

    You have nothing to loose. In the worst case it will burn again.

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    Make sure none of the diodes are shorted: D15,D16,D22 and D23.
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    Hey thanks, i'll check those ones

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    Diods 15, 16 read 262
    Diods 22, 23 read 222

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