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Thread: Ground loops in a guitar ?

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    Ground loops in a guitar ?

    I know it exist in Amp building but in a guitar ? I'm not convinced & i keep hearing this from newbies .........or players with more basic understanding .
    go ahead let me know what you think ...................
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    I would think only when people mis-use the term ground loop. Many people call anything making hum a "ground loop". To me, a ground loop occurs when two pieces of equipment have differing ground potentials are connected together by an additional ground path, like a cord between two amps. I am not sure how you could have multiple current paths in the ground inside my guitar.

    But I freely admit I am not a guitar guy, I am an amp guy.
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    The differential voltages and relatively short ground leads in a guitar (even relative to their low output and that they will be extremely amplified) seem too low to be problematic. I've never had a particular guitar that seemed to hum more than usual unless it was a gain issue more related to hot pickups. I do know I've read about it happening though. Since I don't have those suspect guitars on my bench I can't verify one way or the other. But I lean toward "Not a problem".
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    If you run the ground wires in a path that forms a closed loop, I suppose you technically have a loop antenna - which is not the same thing as a ground loop as Enzo elucidated. But I doubt it will make any difference.

    Just don't ground your guitar like this:

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    The ground loops by itself is not a big deal (I saw a lot of working circuits with mistakes) the problem is difference of potential between path in a loop which determine a current to run modulating the signal. Good practice should avoid it.

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    I work on guitar electronics pretty much every day, day-in, day-out. I've never seen a guitar that's had a 'ground loop' (in the conventional sense of the term). If this were possible, then guitars would need to be bus connected, or star-grounded. Sure, there are numerous ground issues that can occur, but the potentials, current flow and resistances involved make the scenario theoretical and based on micro-potentials which would make no audible difference.

    I say that fully with the knowledge that I have a customer who swears he can hear the difference between pickup selections on a Les Paul when the guitar is played acoustically and not plugged in. So, I guess 'hearing' ground loops for some is eminently possible, as are voices from the spirit world.
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