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Thread: Fender red knob twin vs Fender twin reverb 65 reissue clean channel with Les Paul

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    Fender red knob twin vs Fender twin reverb 65 reissue clean channel with Les Paul

    I have recently noticed that even after fully recapping my 1990 Red Knob Twin and replacing the Power tubes with Groove tubes 6L6GE number 5 rating (normal), the amp does not sound as clean as the twin reverb 65 reissue whn using a les paul traditional 2013 or a Gibson sg 61 reissue both which carry Gibson classic 57 pickups. Nevertheless, when i tried both guitars on a Fender twin reverb they sound very clean. Could there be a problem here somewhere in the clean channel that is causing this slightly but very slight overdriven sound? I tried the same amp with a Fender american special strat and it does sound clean. Very rare situation.

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    You retuned, but did you check the bias? Did you check the output power? Should make about 80 watts clean.
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    I don't think you will ever be able to get the same classic twin clean sound out of the red knob clean channel.
    Close but not the same.
    You said it sounds ok with the strat. What do you have the guitar volume set at when using humbuckers? Try turning down the guitar volume and turning up the amp volume.
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    Yup. Even though those buckers may not be Distortotrons, they'll still hit a first amp stage a lot harder than any single coil. Try g1's experiment. I think that would help, but also as he said, it's not the same amp - by a long shot. So it shouldn't be expected to act like it.

    What I often hear about these newer Fenders of more "non-Fendery" design is how remarkably Fendery they sound despite being different from the classic designs. More specifically, the Zinky amps like the Prosonic. Sounds pretty Fendery, but sure don't look it on paper... probably the same thing here.

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