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Thread: Fender Reverse Wound

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    Fender Reverse Wound

    I just wanted to know when and how much Fender used a reverse wound pickup as the middle pickup. (To create the humbucker effect with the other 2 pickups). So when and how ofted did Fender use this tecknic?
    Thanks fro your commenrts!

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    Middle pickup you must be referring to a strat , In strat's & tele's i'm not sure if they ever used the rw/rp in any of there US standard series guitars other than Texas special kind of pickups . other Fender guitars had rw/rp .
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    Yes. I meant to say Strat Pickups. I was just wondering if the rw/rp pickups (middle pickup) were only on a couple of different strats or the majority of them. Is it concidered a standard feature now? Thanks!

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    That didn't come into play until the 5 way switch.
    The 5 way didn't appear on strats until mid 70s?
    I've read that it started in Fender Japan around 1985-ish.
    Not sure about that.
    The early model Reissue strats still come non-RWRP.
    Maybe someone else has more info?
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    None of the vintage Strats had a RWRP middle or a 5 way switch.

    Strat pickups are just about the easiest pickups to reverse electrical and magnetic polarity of, though, so it's a quick mod.

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