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Thread: Feeling brave - will tackle a Klemt Echolette Tape Echo

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    Feeling brave - will tackle a Klemt Echolette Tape Echo

    Hi Guys going to have a look at a second version of the Klemt Echolette NG51 tape echos. Supposedly works well except that the recording level of head 3 is rather low. Will check the bias voltages and the preset adjustments but otherwise there is little that could cause this problem unless the head has become defective.
    Any of you guys have any suggestions ? All will be appreciated.
    I have overhauled a number of these units but usually the earlier model, anyway will see how it goes.
    Mike from Australia

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    Itís like any other tape system. Comes down to heads, tape path, bias, switching and preamp circuitry. If itís just one head output I would start by agressively cleaning the tape path and heads and demagnetizing the whole thing.

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    If only it was that easy! For a start Klemt Echolettes bundle all their connecting wires together in a loom without colour coding the wires. This particular model also has a printed circuit board which is hidden in the bowls of the unit, making it virtually impossible to check any component on the board.
    I believe they were never designed to be repaired but in fairness they did use quality components.
    As I have serviced a number of these units over the years I'm probably more adapt at repairing them than most techies but compared to Copicats and some other analog discrete component tape echos these machines are nightmare material.
    But having said all that I have found defective wiring between the echo level pre-sets and the echo drive circuitry and will replace them in due course.
    Will keep you informed and thanks for your interest.

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    Repaired the wiring from the echo level controls, fitted new grounding leads and voila I now have controllable echo levels for heads 1, 2 & 3, so great progress.
    Unfortunately I may have disturbed the wiring as the input levels as noted on the "magic eye" tube differ between inputs 1 & 2.
    Checked the filter caps and found that most of them needed replacing which is another pain in the backside but at least it will be a rewarding exercise to see a reduced level of hum.
    More info will be forthcoming as I proceed with this repair.
    BTW the echos do sound lush and appart from a slight degree of wow the quality of these machines is becoming apparent.

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