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Thread: V shaped Pickups

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    V shaped Pickups

    Does anyone have any info on the V shaped pickups that were in some Flying V's. These are literally v shaped. They are quuite interesting, and I may have a rewind comming in for them so I figured I'd gather some notes : )
    Any info would be helpful. Thanks. N.W>

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    Hi night, i think there was a thread about them here at some point, not sure though, i'll look see

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    Hi Wade. Yes i'm still in default but with 2 accidents and my back going on me I'm still flat out to try to keep up with what I lost time on.
    Give me a short while and I promise I will be in touch.
    2 coils per pickup for 3 strings each. Indox V111 bar magnets(hard ferrite)Arnolds are best for that stuff.
    Steel or iron base plates like a tele bridge pickup. Just pretty covers really.
    Arnolds call it Arnox. Forgot that bit.

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    I bought a set of those NOS off Ebay some time ago, glad I did, they are extremely rare and there aren't anymore out there. You're going to have a problem, they are expoxy filled. Two coils, ceramic mags, if you need I have magnetic viewing paper and can take a shot of how the magnets lay out under the covers....covers are plastic, don't know how you could ever rewind them...
    Stephens Design Pickups

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    In a pinch you can make a rubber mold of the existing pickups, and then use that to cast the rewinds.
    It would be possible to describe everything scientifically, but it would make no sense; it would be without meaning, as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure. Albert Einstein

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