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Thread: seymour duncan timeline

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    seymour duncan timeline

    Does anyone know the years of release of the earliest seymour pickups?

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    you might want to ask that question on Duncan's forum. They have knowledgable folks on there or contact the company's Customer Service Department.

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    Earliest? No clue, but the company was founded in 1978

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    The JB is the pickup he wound for Jeff Beck in that Tele he gave Beck... that had to be early to mid 70's.

    I remember Seymour advertising a rewinding service back in 1976. I wrote him (this is pre email of course) about rewinding my Ric pickups and he wrote me back saying how they were kind of limited in design. I also wanted him to wind the neck pickup as a stacked humbucker, which he said wouldn't work... but then he basically did just that with his first stacks... I like to think that I got him thinking about it. I got the idea from Les Paul Recording pickups.

    He has a huge Q & A section with pages of stuff. Some of it should cover wen some of these came out. I'm sure you could ask him too. I met Kevin Beller and some of them in '95 at the ASIA Symposium and they were very cool. They said they had no problem custom winding one off projects. I bet someone would tell you the answers.
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    Have been at the seymour site and noone has answered those questions, guess ill try calling. anyhow thanks.

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