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Behringer DDX3216 - Trying to repair, please help!

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  • I have reconnected the power supply cables and all but one of the values ​​are stable at the connector ANAOUT01, voltages are now 5v 0v 5v -7.69v
    This last voltage, at the moment of turning on the source it shows -17v but it quickly goes to -7.69v.
    I have not found any comment on this, is that correct?
    I have disassembled the power supply and no damage is observed, no cold welds or anything overheated, (with the few hours that it has worked I would be surprised )
    In the connector the connections are referenced with MU RS DG +5
    What does "MU" mean?
    Without load it is at -17 and with at -7.69


    • I bought another ddx with various faults but the screen was working and I replaced it with mine and it works!
      It is not a power problem, the fault is in the display or its PCB.

      Regarding the variation of the referenced voltage as MU, it seems to be a table start mute to avoid noise when turning it on.


      • Can anyone help? I have a DDX3216 which did nothing on switch on. I have changed ALL the caps on the PSU and now it lights up and sliders move etc, but no display. All buttons seem to work, after fixing some stuck ones. I have changed the small clock crystal too!


        • Originally posted by jrfrond View Post
          It's hard to believe that someone would attempt to repair unit like this, which was a piece of crap to begin with, over the course of two years. There's a reason they didn't last on the market for too long. Now, the Behringer X32 is quite a different story.
          I had a friend who also tried to repair the same one, but after half a year he realized how stupid it was and went to buy a new one.


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