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Behringer DDX3216 - Trying to repair, please help!

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  • I have reconnected the power supply cables and all but one of the values ​​are stable at the connector ANAOUT01, voltages are now 5v 0v 5v -7.69v
    This last voltage, at the moment of turning on the source it shows -17v but it quickly goes to -7.69v.
    I have not found any comment on this, is that correct?
    I have disassembled the power supply and no damage is observed, no cold welds or anything overheated, (with the few hours that it has worked I would be surprised )
    In the connector the connections are referenced with MU RS DG +5
    What does "MU" mean?
    Without load it is at -17 and with at -7.69


    • I bought another ddx with various faults but the screen was working and I replaced it with mine and it works!
      It is not a power problem, the fault is in the display or its PCB.

      Regarding the variation of the referenced voltage as MU, it seems to be a table start mute to avoid noise when turning it on.


      • Can anyone help? I have a DDX3216 which did nothing on switch on. I have changed ALL the caps on the PSU and now it lights up and sliders move etc, but no display. All buttons seem to work, after fixing some stuck ones. I have changed the small clock crystal too!


        • Originally posted by jrfrond View Post
          It's hard to believe that someone would attempt to repair unit like this, which was a piece of crap to begin with, over the course of two years. There's a reason they didn't last on the market for too long. Now, the Behringer X32 is quite a different story.
          I had a friend who also tried to repair the same one, but after half a year he realized how stupid it was and went to buy a new one.


          • Originally posted by S2udio View Post
            Hi just joined here and have lots of DDX3216 data to share and will in the near future be putting
            up all the EPPROM files for the CPU board as well as the PIC chip files (the pic 16c554 gets its data from the epproms on power up and is not retained on chip)

            Tip if you are recapping the PSU, replace all the electolytics ,yes all of them !
            I use 130deg samwa's.
            NOTE do not get the 7 pin CTRL11 and CPU01 connectors swapped,as a freind found out !!
            As already stated the 32 meg xtal is a common failure,also replace the electros with tants,
            On the cpu ,and all the smaller caps on the DSP,and the two 470uf with samwa.
            These increase the stability in all the digital circuits !(behringer cost cutting)
            I have almost compiled a fault test log showing what is displayed on the LCD with the various
            sub boards connected, the analog IO boards do not have to be present for a good boot seq !
            I am currently modding the analog boards with better op amps and caps.
            I have a small supply of cpu chips (elan sc300) if your stuck with cpu death and
            competant at replacing,or I can repair and test the cpu/dsp boards (for a fee) for you.
            Be back soon
            So I've recently become the owner of one of these, it was working fine but every now and again all the clip LED's would light indicating the power supply on its way out so decided to completely recap it. Recap went fine but then like an idiot I hooked it back up with the CTRL11 and CPU01 connectors swapped and now it just lights up like a christmas tree:

            Click image for larger version

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            What have I blown? Some really knowledgeable people here so hope someone can help...


            • Greetings to All!
              I would need the DDX Update 1.1 file. I can't find it anywhere. I would like to restart my DDX3216. could you send it to me please?


              • Is this what you're looking for?

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