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Behringer DDX3216 - Trying to repair, please help!

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  • Update on my last post.

    It is alive again. Today after work I started measuring again. I thought it was a short on the ANAIN board. Because the 3.3 volt was present on the connector from the psu when disconnected from the board, but it went 1 volt once connected...
    Today i measured on other connectors from the psu where the 3.3 is also present and there was no problem there...So it had to be on the power supply itself. After checking i found a burned trace. So it still had some connection, enough to measure the right voltage without load connected. But with load the voltage dropped. Very tricky

    So happy days here, the unit iis working. Now I better order the complete list of caps and do the recapping job.


    • Hi Nisse:
      I need DDXUPTDATE, in order to repair a mixer.
      Thanks from Spain.
      My mail is or give me a link with dropbox.


      • Most of the files including firmware are available here.
        "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man."


        • This thread is great.

          Simple question: The analog and digital grounds in this power supply do not seem to tie together anywhere. There is a broken off screw on one of the heat sinks on the PS board which would tie them if it were there. (There's no broken off screw head in the PS, so I think this is intentional.) Can this work without the grounds being tied somewhere? I've recapped the powersupply and changed the clock crystal Q3 but there is no analog output from the mixer, and I get random light flashes mostly from the signal leds on the inputs, but not channel leds light with a signal and the master output led shows nothing. Oh, and all voltages are correct from the PS if you measure them referenced to their respective analog and digital grounds.


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            • To answer my own question-

              Tie the grounds together at one point in the power supply. A wire jumper beats that missing screw on one side of the heat sink.


              • The attachment is Dead attachment link.

                Originally posted by Han View Post
                Hello, i attached the files
                The attachment is Dead attachment link.


                • Originally posted by Phoebus1966 View Post
                  The attachment is Dead attachment link.
                  Does this site have what your looking for?
                  soldering stuff that's broken, breaking stuff that works, Yeah!


                  • Behringer Download Section Deplorable

                    Originally posted by The Dude View Post
                    Most of the files including firmware are available here.

                    Unfortunately the Behringer download section is deplorable when it comes to legacy products at least already for three items. The DDX3216, DPS9024 and DPS8024. My guts tell me this is just the tip of the ice berg. Mixed up and missing files and Behringer doesn't seem to care for being shoddy.


                    • No. It is dead there also (update app and firmware). The forum link itself is dead. In contains what the member attached and has nothing to do with a website. It is not an external link but an attachment.


                      • Succeswful LCD fix after replacing all 4 caps surrounding the SCI7654 dc dc converter on the LCD module with tantalium caps. Beware of the polarisation of course!

                        Symptoms was: Mixer works with audio in going to audio out but with LCD blank. No contrast function effect. Voltage value on output pin 1 of SCI7654 is +0.5v which isn't ok because it is supposed to be negative. It is used to power supply the negative end of LM324 which subsequently generates V1,2,3,4 and 5 and VEE for the three Toshiba T6A39 and one T6A40 VLSI chips on the same LCD module. This LCD module is Behringer's design.

                        SCI7654 is onconventional. The input and output signals are not obvious to find. Together with 4 capacitors it creates a negative voltage when fed with +5v.

                        After having replaced the 4 caps surrounding the SCI7654 with 4 tantalium versions of the same value (10uF 25v) the LCD worked again.

                        After repair the voltages measured as follows:

                        10 pin connector LCD module.
                        Red wire is reference for pin 1.
                        Pin 10 = 0v
                        Pin 9 = +5.3v

                        4 pin connector LCD module.
                        Red wire is reference for pin 1.
                        Pin 1 = +3.5v DC
                        Pin 2 = -3.5v to -6.6v DC (contrast)
                        Above values are reference to the voltage on pin 10 (mass)

                        Pin 3 and 4 feed the backlight leds (4.27v DC)

                        This was after checking if the voltageson the PSU are ok.

                        BEWARE!!! Mark ALL power connectors going from the PSU to PCB's when disconnecting. Behringer DID NOT provide security against misconnecting plugs. There are identical plugs with different voltage values.


                        • DDXUpdate windows app

                          Originally posted by S2udio View Post

                          Try this

                          It would be wonderful if anyone made the Windows DDXUpdate app available here without linking to Behringer since Behringer doesn't care about legacy products and is shoddy on its download site.


                          • Hi Nisse,

                            Is it possible to post the Windows DDXupdate app on the forum as attachment? There is a high demand for it and the recycling world needs it including me to secure future failures as it is shown to happen with corrupt state savings.

                            I was also looking for eprom images as they are discussed here but of course the DDXUpdate app is the proper solution. So having it available here would be advantageous to everyone.



                            • Originally posted by Nisse View Post
                              So how do you replace your capacitors if you don't dismount your PSU?
                              By the way, I think you have to clean your PSU-fan a bit!

                              Well, does anybody know the difference between the V112.bex and V109.bex? For me it looks like V112.bex is a newer firmware, but on behringes homepage it says:
                              V109.bex = Latest firmware
                              V112.bex = Audio software (surround software)

                              Do I need to install them both?
                              How can I see the installed version(s)

                              If anyone needs the DDXUpdate, I can share it for you.

                              Yes please.


                              • Originally posted by Termac View Post
                                Still working through the issue mentioned above. Have seen some references to service schematics and manuals, tried the links but they are dead. Does anyone have either that are downloadable?

                                Thanks for reading.

                                These are fake links that harvest clicks for the purpose of traffic stat fraud. If you reload them you'll notice the value of file size change. Fake links are a web pest.