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  1. New Deluxe Reverb reissue PT available
  2. JTM 45 build 400v plate voltage, how to calculate OT primary impedance?
  3. Harvard build and thank you!
  4. Immortal Mods: additional fuses, where to put the fuse holders?
  5. chart of output transformer pri impedance vs output tube
  6. peavey classic 30 trannys?
  7. First Build: Fender Showman Brownface (6G14)
  8. help with chassis wiring holes JTM45 type build with Radiospheres Deluxe OT
  9. first think to do when plugging in a very old 'scope
  10. Tube blues (not blues tubes)
  11. JTM45 cascading gain mod
  12. Best tweeter/small speaker for my purpose?
  13. Which direction should banded (foil case) side of signal caps go in an amp circuit?
  14. Proximity of filter caps to pots, and 'quiet' side of the board, in an amp
  15. Some one gave me parts from an old Leslie 122 ?? guitar amp maybe
  16. suggestions buying full set of resistors for an amp build
  17. help with bias circuit mod
  18. physical size of power supply filter capacitors matter?
  19. sheet rubber to make isolating pads for tube sockets
  20. So I have a Howler now :) : low productivitiy day
  21. 5E6A build morphed into Vibroverb AA763
  22. JTM 45 clone wiring question
  23. Help finding wiring mount part for wiring.
  24. Frankenstein 18 watt combo
  25. Yet another grounding scheme thread ...
  26. Valve Art KT66 vs????
  27. Question to MWF Admin: parts section?
  28. 30W superbass build
  29. How to make your own custom amp badge
  30. 5f2a head First Build. Hooking up dual 4 and 8 ohm outputs
  31. Speaker question for first build
  32. BE 100 build
  33. Need help with 5f6a Bassman Build
  34. 12AT7 reverb tube for Deluxe AB763 circuit
  35. Grounding considerations for painted chassis?
  36. is this JTM45 layout missing a ground?
  37. First build. Very simple, 3 watts, 6X4/6SJ7/6F6.
  38. Safe to put V1a coupling capacitor on a switch for variety?
  39. 20 watt single speaker bassman?
  40. Looking for a Repro 60s Bassman Chassis
  41. cutting Garolite
  42. adding reverb to spot meant for tremolo, badly bent leads :(
  43. Voltage divider or just a parallel resistor to bring down a tap voltage?
  44. Where to get amp part?
  45. Mogami 2524 vs Mogami 2330 for in amp shielded cable.
  46. Help with voltages (no load) deluxe AB763 type build
  47. Epiphone Galaxie 25 - Anyone want a job? :-)
  48. Bassman aa864 clone noise
  49. 3 spring 10 ohm reverb tank, in a 8 ohm
  50. 71 twin reverb adding master vol
  51. First build 5F2-A: low output
  52. dampening tube sockets with silicone gasket.
  53. scan of a Fender Deluxe Reverb AB763 eyelet board
  54. Brown Eye 100W PCB boards
  55. criticise my layout
  56. which 6V6 puch pull, tube rectified circuit?
  57. extension speaker impedance question and general wiring question
  58. Standby sw wirinq question
  59. Anyone got a good layout for a Supro/Valco Amp ?
  60. additional fuses for Fender style circuits
  61. OT wiring question
  62. Is this old 60's valve radio PT suitable for PP 6V6 build?
  63. source for dead 9pin and 8pin tubes.
  64. General speaker impedance selector question
  65. question about line voltage wiring to on off switch and fuse
  66. fender wiring detail question
  67. CF question
  68. Looking for Matchless Spitfire Porn
  69. Finishing touches and Mods to my BE100 based build
  70. I think I'm over biasing my EL84s; but how should I fix it.
  71. Anyone got a good source for ac/ac adaptors with euro connectors?
  72. old 'scope for home tube amp work
  73. hooking up an output transformer, correct phasing
  74. ringing problem. please help
  75. transformer question for a frankenstien vibrolux build
  76. Yup, Another One... Kraken 50 Build: Round II
  77. Finished my BE100 based Clone
  78. help with resistor size
  79. 1967 Bassman build
  80. Transformers: Classictone, Hammond, Mercury?
  81. Amp Build: Ceriatone Kraken 50
  82. Marshall JCM 900 4500 Dual Reverb HELP PLEASE!
  83. Marshall 2204 inverter strange signal shape
  84. source for toroids for tube guitar amps (north america)
  85. Powered up the build for the first time... I'm getting troublesome readings
  86. Influence of cathodyne vs LTP PI in a Vox
  87. Goot Heat clip H-2SL
  88. Source for Marshall tube amp layout docs
  89. 4 power tubes vs 2
  90. Downgrading OT
  91. Building first Amp, 5E3 clone with a twist.
  92. 50 watt Marshall build w/ Depth control problem
  93. why so many gain stages in the preamp?
  94. Help wiring power transformer Transformer
  95. DC coupled cathode follower
  96. Eliminating the vibrato part of the circuit from a Deluxe amp
  97. I've started my 2204 Build ,What Is the Best/Quietest Grounding scheme ?
  98. circuit board software and fab services.
  99. help with resistor voltage rating
  100. Good projects for undersized power transformer
  101. Ampeg style clutch head screws
  102. First tube amp build: Fender Deluxe AB763 style amp (no reverb).
  103. Ground Loops in AB763 Deluxe
  104. What Software For Layout Pictures?
  105. Fender Deluxe AB763 vs Fender Deluxe Reverb AA763 Schematic Filter Cap question
  106. carbon comp vs metal film in a new amp build?
  107. help choosing capacitors: mallory 150 vs juniper vintage tone vs orange drop ..
  108. What diodes to use for a Marshall 2204 build
  109. Amp Build Report - Micro-Bassman tube amp in Marshall Lead 12 SS
  110. New build: Supro 1624T in a Marshall Lead 12 donor amp
  111. Transformer help
  112. question for the gurus: why GZ34 (or monst tube rectifiers) max smoothing cap 60uf?
  113. Selecting wire gague for fender deluxe 6G3 clone build
  114. Formica...
  115. Built a micro 5150 / 6505+ around an ECC99 parallel single ended output stage
  116. Correct heater wiring ?
  117. Transformer Wiring questions
  118. How to build a simple LM386 based audio amplifier
  119. PI instability
  120. VOX AC10 cab
  121. Build a point-to-point amp using a Champ 12 as a platform.
  122. Could someone review my bias pot diagram for a Hiwatt dr103?
  123. Eyelet Board
  124. The Build: Chassis fabrication to power-on
  125. Scratch temp build
  126. Ashdown Peacemaker 40 rebuild/makeover
  127. ECC99 push-pull build with JCM800 preamp - the JCM Eight Hundredths
  128. LM3886 chassis
  129. Dumble SSS
  130. Mini-Major build
  131. help with chassis
  132. Traynor YBA 1 Bassmaster "One Wire" mod
  133. Design considerations for high voltage, high power, tube output section/PSU
  134. 22 watt head finally done
  135. Traynor YBA-1A lowering the plate voltage
  136. custom 100w 4 channel amp with bassman, twin reverb, delux and champ preamps
  137. Custom build 20watt
  138. I think i'm back !
  139. Switching power scheme
  140. Choosing a vintage recicled PT for 5f11 project!
  141. PCB printer
  142. Amp Project, & PT used
  143. Quick question - installing new Power Transformer.
  144. ClassicTone Customer Service is Excellent!
  145. AB763 help please.
  146. New amp build
  147. 6V AC heater voltage
  148. Is this lead dress ok?
  149. Ok to mount OT inside chassis?
  150. EL84 as driver stage
  151. Front panel Pot Placement
  152. Noob 5E3 Grounding Questions
  153. Bias circuit.what.s the clue?
  154. Wire Voltage Rating
  155. 18 watt clone (mojotone)
  156. 6V6 Retainers?
  157. KT 88 project request
  158. Help With Spitfire Build?!
  159. Watkins Dominator junk box build
  160. I want to make sure I'm using proper component type and implementation.
  161. Buying resistors on line without credit card
  162. Source for NOS 2M pots with SPST switch
  163. Question on pot selection
  164. Chassis Soldering made easy
  165. Hammond field coil speaker
  166. VVR issue - voltage drops under load
  167. Ampeg Gemini VI Clone Parts
  168. EL-95 Push Pull Project
  169. Switch for High Voltage AC
  170. Shiva/Hot Cat 30 build
  171. Matchless lighting new build using MM P18RS
  172. Breadboarding a 1.65A circuit - but do not wish to use those human hair-sized jumpers
  173. 6G15 build problem
  174. Asymmetrical clipping at output
  175. recordingvalve preamp
  176. New Build Blues Amp
  177. My almost completed amp breadboard
  178. JTM45/Bassman true point to point layout
  179. El84 - resurrected amp project
  180. Blues Amp Build
  181. (Slow) Build log for Vox JMI-era AC15 OA-031 circuit
  182. 5e3 junk box build
  183. My First Breadboarded Amp
  184. PR Upright Hammond PT
  185. NOS CTS 500k w/ 130k tap pots for sale
  186. JTM45 output w/ KT66's -- please clarify how I should label the impedence selector
  187. Why so expensive?
  188. Tools - routing aluminum
  189. First Amp Layout Design, Need Input and Advice
  190. Custom Marshall Style Build...PT/Tube Question
  191. Plexi / Soldano project! I need some help !!!
  192. 5E9-A Build Underway
  193. Adding a trim pot in JTM45 --is it as simple as this?
  194. Diy Magnatone
  195. Given a half finished amp with some mystery parts
  196. DR: OT @ 2 Ohms/ 10" spkr Q.
  197. Finally completed! Thanks for all you peoples help
  198. 12ax7 Triode + Mosfet Tremolo circuit
  199. Need component ideas for Blackface build
  200. Fender HotRod Deville channel Footswitch
  201. New build squealing
  202. Building EL-84 push/pull amp out of Zenith Radio Parts
  203. Found another potential gem
  204. Transformer locations
  205. Looking for build literature/articles/tips
  206. Tube Depot 5E3 kit feedback loop question.
  207. DRRI speaker (spkr W/ db general Qs).
  208. Source for good shielded wire for amps?
  209. Question about VibroChamp OT wiring
  210. Small bass amp - Hammond 1750M, 1650N or another OT?
  211. Fender DR build.. Reverb BUZZ Gremlin.
  212. FireFly mini-amp build report
  213. help wiring in field coil speaker in place of a PM speaker
  214. Amplifier Art Work Techniques
  215. Dlx Rev Reissue. OT wiring Q.
  216. Fender Dlx Rev build- last Q b4 fire-up.
  217. Dlx Rev footswitch?
  218. Chassis and parts... great deal
  219. first build - Bass version?
  220. New build grounding questions
  221. power transformer bad?
  222. Looking at getting an orange but can't decide which one. Here are the options.
  223. Phase inverter coupling caps placement.
  224. First Amp Build - Results
  225. tweed deluxe sound
  226. Lets build a All-Tube Bass Preamp.
  227. Anybody build a BFDR w/no reverb or trem single channel?
  228. Stress testing the power amp
  229. Adding cones
  230. New cab or new guitar?.. Hmmm
  231. Requirements for earth safety ground using IEC socket
  232. B15n Transformer choices
  233. Gilmore Jr: Safe at 20 ohms?
  234. First attempt at installing tweed -- a Deluxe and a Tremolux -- did an "aged" look
  235. Using a 1M instead of 2M for speed pot on Tremolux
  236. Looking for someone to build me a ptp wired 50W Plexi 1987 type chassis
  237. alternative to restoring trashed Bassman head
  238. 4.5V Pre-amp Circuit
  239. AX84 ??
  240. Ever seen Fender style tweed material but in different colors?
  241. 6G15 Reverb build, no wet signal
  242. how to decide on size / power
  243. 50watt partridge transformers. Help please =]
  244. tube rectifier for larger amp? (bass amp)
  245. My unfinished projects !
  246. Hey check out this patina on a chassis I just finished up!
  247. New build: Magnatone 213 (Tonemaster/Titano/Evil Robot) + mods --- advice wanted!
  248. Fender PA100 build
  249. Switch on PT with no load?
  250. Clarifier Pre-Amp Craig Anderton