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Thread: Seymore Duncan Twin Tube Classic pedal

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    this one ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikecol View Post
    Hello Steve, do you still have a copy of the schematic for the twin tube classic? The link on this forum doesn't seem to work anymore. Thanks
    Fortunately the dead link here had the filename so I was able to find the PDF file on my computer and upload it to my Dropbox...

    ... and here as well.

    Twin Tube Classic.pdf


    Steve Ahola

    P.S. Dropbox links default to a "dl=0" tag on the end which prevents downloading of the file. It took me awhile to figure that out when I was sending links to people and learning that they weren't working. Changing the tag to "dl=1" solved that problem, as does just deleting the tag altogether as I recall. (When you click on "send a link to this file" you'd expect a link that actually works! )
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