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Thread: Roland Cube 60 -- missing reverb

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    Roland Cube 60 -- missing reverb

    I've had this old Roland keyboard amp (Cube 60 -- with silver tolex) for some time now and the reverb has never worked. It's supposed to have a great sounding spring reverb so I thought I'd open it up and have a look. There is no such spring reverb inside, leading me to believe that a previous owner pulled it out.

    I have a pretty good spring reverb unit from a retired amp, and I thought I might try to put it in there to see if I can get it to work. Only thing is, I can't find any wires that would go to said reverb box.

    On the main circuit board I see two empty places where a cable of some sort could plug in, and they are labeled CN1 and CN2.. This would make sense because there is a REVERB ON/OFF switch for each of the two input channels.

    Is anyone familiar at all with this amp? And should a spring reverb unit from one amp probably work ok for another amp??

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    I would imagine most any pan would work. Looks to me offhand that a low Z input type would work better. That is a 4ABxxxx instead of 4EBxxxx.
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    OK, great. Seems worth a shot. Is that schematic for the old KEYBOARD cube 60, or the newer black guitar amp?

    I couldn't find the CN1 and CN2 on there, and then I noticed some references in there to a "FULL/BRIGHT SWITCH".. I know the guitar amps have a "BRIGHT" switch, where this old KEYBOARD one does not.

    Personally I don't understand why they wouldn't just give what appears to be an entirely different amp a different name.

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