Hey all you guys who are so much more intelligent than I on things like this.
I bought a crate blue voodoo 60 watt combo, love the amp, was told the power tubes were new mesa boogie 6l6's and have no reason to dispute it, also bought 4 new 12ax7's and one 12au7 for this amp and installed them. it's still manifesting the same demon who will cut out the power which decreases the volume in both channels.
I can turn it on cold and for say 30 or 45 minutes it seems to be fine, then the demons awaken and their goes the volume right into the basement!!
i have yossed to much into this to quit, and i dont give up easily. Can anyone please tell me what they think might be causing this trouble??
Where can I send it for repair that won't keep for long periods and send it back in the same shape??
Don't know who to trust on this one. I have had bad experiences with guitar shop techs who talk like the wrote the book on stuff then so many dollars later scratch their head and give me excuses.
I need this repaired asap! Please anyone give me some advise. Dont know squat about electronics just enough to properly pull a tube etc etc Thanks guys!