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Thread: I need Help with this tube "8CW5/XL86

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    I need Help with this tube "8CW5/XL86

    Hello all,
    I am presently getting ready to build a "Tiny Terror" clone. I made a trip to a nearby city to get some EL84 tubes for the amp. On the box it said "EL84" and "6BQ5". The brand is Pro Comm.
    When I got home I opened the box to find that it said "8CW5/XL86 Japan"

    When looking on line this did not match any of the substitutes for a EL84 tube and I found little information on the tube.

    Does any of you tube freaks out there know anything about this and is this tube really a substitute or is it just another way of calling it a EL84?

    Thanks for your help with this.
    John Fisher

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    looks somewhat similar, with same basing but bit different ratings, heater(also looked in my GE Essential Characteristics)

    Friends of the 6L6 - Some power tetrodes and pentodes

    looks similar as well and as with the 6BQ5/EL84, apparently some (heater number)CW5 were beam tubes.

    Audio EU Pentode2

    sorry I don't know if it will be an adequate sub

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    It's the 8 volt heater version of the EL86.
    EL86 @ The National Valve Museum

    Doesn't seem like a very good EL84 substitute.

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