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Thread: smokin silvertone 1482

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    smokin silvertone 1482

    newly aquired silvertone 1482 smoked the pt (fuse was by passed by somebody).amp now blows fuses with pt isolated.i was considering triode electronics 40-18016 pt but noticed some wiring differences can this pt be installed w/o any electrical mods? also is a 5 10 20 uf twist lock filter cap available that will fit in stock mounting holes any help or comments would be a huge help!testing revealed 1 bad 6v6 and 1 bad 6x4 rectifier. signed Harper

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    Dunno about the PT but check out my 1482 page for how I put new filter caps in it, you don't need a can. If you insist on one Weber will stuff a can with any values you want.

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    wow! you really tricked out your amp its a choice lookin unit.i enjoyed the silvertone world link good info.i think i might re-do my filter caps like you did looks like that worked out good thanks for the help. REGIS i am looking forward to getting my amp running again.

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    Recently I converted an old trashed Japanese oscilloscope into a 1482. I wanted to see if I could get away with using the scope PT and 6x4 rectifier plus a 6AU6 tube that was in there. The PT in the scope was 300V-0-300V so the voltage was less than my target of 350V on the 6V6 plates, but this old can sounds good to me. I believe the original 1482 PT was 335-0-335V.

    From that experience, the PT you are asking about looks ok for the ratings with reserve in hand. The main wiring differences are the extra taps for 50V and 5V which you will not need and should be insulated carefully so that they do not touch anything that they shouldn't.

    But, I have seen two different schematics drawn for the 1482 heater wiring. One has a center tap on the transformer. So check the heater tap configuration on your smoked PT. That may be different to the 40-18016. From your question I am unsure if you know how to do a work-around, if you need to. But you can always ask the old hands here.

    There was a good feature about that scope PT, it had an extra 6.3V winding for the rectifier. It is supposed to be quieter that way, but the original 1482 just had the one 6.3V winding anyway. Below is a bad picture of that scope turned silvertone.
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    thanks for taking a look at the circuit Overtone! the 40-18016 has just the red w/yellow centertap ground my pt also had a green wire ground as well.perhaps the 40-18016 has an internal ground that is made when mounting pt.1 have the approx 1965 185-11020 model i think the schematic w/the centertapped heater ground is an earlier model if the 1482a schematic is an earlier model i am the way.Nice job on the custom 1482.that is impressive signed Harper

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