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Thread: I'll be away

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    I'll be away

    Headin' out Californy way. Heard they got a whole lotta work out there.

    Things are trim on Whidbey for painting right now and my finances won't tolerate the slow season. I have a contact in San Jose with about six weeks work for me and I need to take it. I'm not sure how much computer access I'll have since I don't carry a laptop or a smart phone. So maybe I'll be around, maybe not. Last time I was out for awhile some people thought I pulled a Steve Conner so this is just a heads up. Enjoy the break

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    No, <YOU> enjoy the "break." Get away from all the Silli-Cooties. I promise, I will not construct any EL84-based amplifiers that would require your assistance for at least 6 weeks... Payback on the 43rd day, though.

    This kind of brings up a feeling in me... if the WiFi is blinking on and off constantly, I oscillate between hope and rage. But if I <KNOW> I'll be technology-less for more than a few hours, I read a great book, I write some letters, I pray, I actually converse with people around me. And in those simple activities, I realize I am much more civilized, polite, fun, intelligent, and creative than many... But only because more of my senses and faculties are engaged.

    So, not only for the money, but for the real life that comes with it...

    That said, we should post a Silli-Cootie pic a day on this thread til you come back.


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    If you apply the same level of effort and thought to your painting as you obviously do to your amp projects, then you may be a victim of your own quality work Go, get rich!

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    Enjoy the trip, and try to take advantage of the different foods, in different areas!

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    Leaving Pacific NW for employment reasons and heading to N CA? I can relate having relocated from PDX to Sonoma about 7 months ago.

    My only advice, try to live close to where you work. This can be very difficult in CA, with one of my co workers currently having the title for "worst commute" driving 1.5h at 3AM for the last couple years...

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    Good luck!

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