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Thread: DIY digital noise blocker

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    DIY digital noise blocker

    I have a digital delay pedal that make a whistle/whine though it is on an isolated, toroidial power supply. Any fixes. Maybe add a 10Ω resistor to float the 1/4 cable coming in?

    Apparently this type of noise is increasingly common.


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    Is it sharing power with any other pedals that use some form of high-frequency clock?

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    The first thing I check with this situation is run the pedal off a battery (if this is possible). Keep everything else the same. If I still get noise then I know it's not a straightforward fix. The better isolated power supplies use a separate tap for each DC circuit, but they can share a common ground. With the unit powered off, check the resistance between grounds to see if they are shared, or have a resistance between them.

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    Being a digital pedal, clock noise artifacta might well be internal, nd not supply related.

    Even non digital flangers are famous for swooshing sound/noise even with no signal input.
    Chorus pedals too.
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    PT2399 comes to mind. What kind of pedal is it?

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    OK, I made some changes tried with a battery then back again and it seems to be fixed somehow. The V12 Digitech power supply is totally isolated, even grounds. From the manual, the Digitech Hardwire DL-8 digital delay uses only about 50mA, which seems conservative.

    I completely reworked the pedalboard—which took hours—found a cable that had that black film wrap over the center and I hadn't completely stripped that and it was partly shorting, so it measured 4kΩ and that was dragging down my clean channel volume.

    A trick I used, was to send some highs to ground on the internal, engaged-On switch of the MXR phaser (leads only, like Jeff Waters). Thus solos are darker and creamier.

    Again, thanks for the advice!

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