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Thread: Screen Overlay Detected Popups

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    Screen Overlay Detected Popups

    I was installing Guitar Music Player from Android Play Store and it is again and again showing some Screen Overlay Detected popups...
    Any Android Expert please help me out...

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    Follow following settings to turn off screen overlay of android application:
    > Settings
    >Application Manager
    >Click on Three Dots (Top right corner) & Select Draw Over Other Apps
    >Turn off screen overlay of all apps one by one
    This must solve the issue of screen overlay in your device...
    If this isn't solving screen overlay issue in your device or you haven't got my answer then refer to below reference:
    how to turn off screen overlay (spam link replaced with plain text by tboy)
    Or you can also refer to below official source:
    Screen Overlay Detected (spam link replaced with plain text by tboy)
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    Is this the first bot to bot conversation on this forum?
    Or just run of the mill human spammers.
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    Our work here is done, I'm going outside and let SGM bot converse with Stan bot!!

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