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Thread: Peavey Emitter Resistors

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    Peavey Emitter Resistors

    I am repairing a Peavey XRD680 that had a blown output on one side as well as collateral damage from a 15A fuse in a 8A slot. I am almost done but need to replace 2 of the .33 ohm emitter resistors. I am having trouble sourcing these local and was wanting to do a few tests while I wait for the correct parts. I did find some .5 ohm 5w resistors local. Any issue throwing these in for testing purposes? From what I understand these are for the quiescent current. I don't claim to be a solid state guru so before I talk myself into a poor decision I figure I would ask the experts. Thoughts?

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    In Memphis? You may not find them at a parts store, but I can't imagine many amp repair shops that do not have a drawer full of them. VERY common resistor. SO I might visit some amp shops and ask if they would sell you the resistors. So what if they charge a dollar or two instead of 40 cents? Consider that ordering would require shipping cost.

    I can't speak for them, but in my shop, we always sold parts to individuals who asked. That assumes I had extras. I would not sell my last TL604, as it represents a future repair, but commodity parts like resistors, no problem.

    The resistors serve as ballasts to help equalize current through the parallel transistors. By using a different value, you upset the balance of sharing. However, just to see if th circuit functions, I suppose it would be OK. But DO NOT leave the odd values in.
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    Thanks Enzo, I hadn't considered checking the shops. Will try that out.

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