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Thread: Source for LDR? For rebuilding trem circuits

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    Source for LDR? For rebuilding trem circuits

    Greeting, I've had several amps with bad opto-coupler. Not sure what to buy to replace the light dependant resistor & where to get them. Rebuilding seems like the only option if it's not Fender. I appreciate any help....

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    Assuming you are in the US try Jameco. I've bought these with great success you have to bend the leads of the LDR and hold it all together with heatshrink.
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    Wow, you saved "the day" !! I'll order tonite

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    I've used the same LDRs that Nick posted with no problems at all. I bought 100 for 1 a few years ago. All the mainstream electronic suppliers were getting rid of non-ROHS stock in a panic and there were some insane bargains. They never thought it through that a cadmium cell would still be listed as non-ROHS anyhow after the smoke cleared.

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    I bought a grab bag of those photocells from Jameco a long time ago, and still have a couple. Worked fine.
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    I just ordered 10 of each.
    It's weird, because it WAS working fine.....

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