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Thread: The music that changed your life:

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    The music that changed your life:

    I never know how to answer the question of what my favorite song, album, or artist is. In fact, even when I try and narrow it down to a top 20 by genre, I'll inevitably end up leaving someone important off the list (usually reminded by someone else, mentioning them for consideration.. )
    Someone once asked me what my favorite Zeppelin album is. I paused and answered "Usually, it's whatever one I'm listening to at the time".

    But there have been distinct moments in my life when I heard a piece of music and it changed everything for me. This thread is dedicated to those songs, albums, and artists.
    I'll never forget the first time this happened. I had been playing guitar for... probably 6 or months or so. I came into a compilation of classical guitar works, or solo guitar pieces or something. I can't remember anything else about it except this one song. I had never heard anything like it and it literally change the way I thought about musical composition, styles, techniques, everything. It is still one of my favorite pieces of music to this day.
    Here is the song, played by the same artist who performed on the recording when I heard it the first time. Imagine just beginning to learn to play, and having only the audio to go on. I quickly went to the liner notes to see who these "guitarists" were and remember thinking "why did they only list one guy?".
    John Williams, playing Asturias(Leyenda) - by Isaac Albeniz

    There are others as well, but I know there are other players out there. I'd like to hear your experiences, and it certainly isn't limited to musicians.
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    Oh man, I was in college about 1966 maybe, when Carlos Montoya came to town and performed at the university, I took a date, a local folk singer. The guy sits on a chair, center stage, and just wails. I swear he was playing one song with his left hand and another with his right, and at the same time managing to beat out a rhythm on the face of the guitar with whatever extra fingers he had. Amazing. it wasn't a career inspiration, but I can see why you would be impressed, I sure was.

    When I was in school, music was crap. WE had Johnny Angel, and Soldier boy. It's My Party. Roses are read. Then the British invasion happened. I wasn't into the Beatles at first, but I liked the Rolling Stones. But for some reason, the Stones tune Mona - a Bo Diddley cover - just spoke to me, and it turned my head to music.
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    The first time I heard this guy, I was amazed. Like your story, "I quickly went to the liner notes to see who these "guitarists" were and remember thinking "why did they only list one guy?".

    He has lots of video out there, but since you mentioned Zeppelin....

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    Another freak of nature: (buzz up to 2:30 to skip the yappin')

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    For me, starting on the oboe at 10 yrs old, once I had sufficient chops to play with the Peter Meremblum Junior Symphony in West Hollywood, it was Richard Strauss' Ein Heldenleben, Mussorsky's Pictures at an Exhibition and other amazing classical works. Then the Stones released It's All Over Now in '64 or '65, The Who's My Generation, and I got sidetracked with rock n' roll, becoming a bass player. YES put me over the top. I was in a rock n' roll band from the mid-late 60's, it fell apart in the early 70's, but it was the 1st lead guitarists we had in the band who was always pulling his Vox AC30 apart to do something on it.

    That got me started into Electronics, and back then, I had to have a student deferment to stay out of Viet Nam. Screw the curriculum...I made my own out of the electronics, music and broadcasting classes to learn what I could with the time I could devote, while the band was starting to work a lot and getting a record deal was on its' way. Finally we all got a draft lawyer until the draft was abolished.
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