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Thread: BBS Bugs?

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    BBS Bugs?

    Over the past day or two it seems like the "Reply with Quote" button is not working properly - it will copy the text as a quote but that quote does not include quotes within the original post as it used to do. In other words"Reply with Quote" no longer includes embedded quotes.

    I first noticed this in a reply to one of my posts which included my words but not the quote in my post. I confirmed the result by clicking on "Reply with Quote" to my post and getting the exact same result.

    Steve A.

    P.S. If this thread catches we could make it a sticky instead of starting a new thread every time one of us notices a problem?

    P.P.S. Totally unrelated and certainly not a bug but if you want to go to the most recent post in a thread add "-new/" right after the thread number like this example for this thread:

    BBS Bugs?

    There are a dozen threads here that I am always checking so rather than try to navigate through the menu structure here I have compiled a list of hot links to those threads with "-new/" tacked on to the end of the URL. I also included links to my favorite forums.

    BTW this tip is a great workaround for one of the oldest BBS bugs here: clicking on links and buttons that by all means should go to the Forum Index page go instead to the Activity Stream window which I do not findto be as useful as the sometimes elusive "New Posts" search page:

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    I never use that feature. When I want to quote, I cut and paste, and insert as quote. never leaves anything out.

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    I always use the multi-quote button and as far as I know, it never included quotes within quotes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by g1 View Post
    I always use the multi-quote button and as far as I know, it never included quotes within quotes.
    I just used the "reply with quote" to quote g1 discussing responding by using the multiple quotes and it seems to have worked. You can quote me on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve A. View Post will copy the text as a quote but that quote does not include quotes within the original post...
    That is the way the reply with quote feature has always worked for me so I have believed that was the planned normal behavior.

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