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Thread: what guitar is this?

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    what guitar is this?


    date is March 15, 1965

    maybe its a uke with the strap like a bib? Odd that guy wears a tiny women's watch too...

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    I suspect when you consider that is 7'1" Wilt Chamberlain, ANY mans watch would look tiny on his wrist. Not to mention a regular size guitar.
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    This thread (Wilt Chamberlain's Guitar | Telecaster Guitar Forum) came up with the first version Bass VI.
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    Yah its definitely a 1961/2 Bass VI as it has the smooth chrome pickup rings and what looks like only 3 slide switches near the lower bout. Its a shame the string spacing is too small for even normal sized hands and must be played with a pick.

    Here's Wilt on same couch with a couple of his (many) dogs

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